The President's Advisory Committee on Diversity and Equity (PADE) advises the college president on college matters that promote and sustain a campus climate that creates and supports tolerance, respect and diversity amongst all faculty, staff, administrators and students throughout the district.

Vision, Goals and Purposes

PADE advises the college president in matters pertaining to diversity and equity, and:

  1. Creates awareness and understanding surrounding the benefits of advancing diversity and equity in an educational environment.
  2. Builds and sustains a campus community that is a safe space for constructive and authentic dialogue among faculty ,staff, administrators and students.
  3. Identifies, proposes and supports campus-based initiatives for diversity and equity that lead to cultural competence.
  4. Develops staff development and training opportunities for faculty, staff, administrators, and students that promote and advance diversity education, awareness and understanding.
  5. Serves as an on-campus resource and liaison to departments and programs.
  6. Receives and reviews all equity-related reports and publications on campus, including the Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC) and Student Equity Report.

2013-2014 Goals

  1. Support outreach to feeder schools and in-reach efforts to promote messages of diversity and equity;

Expected Frequency of Meetings

Open monthly meetings, with quarterly visits with the college president. Contact the President's Office at 760.795.6610 for meeting schedule.


Seven faculty members (five full-time and two associate faculty), five classified staff members, three administrators and two students, who will each be appointed by the representative constituent group in consultation with the superintendent/president. The chair of the Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC) will be a member of PADE.

2013-14 membership

Brad Byrom
Bruce Hoskins

Joshua Lieser
Andrea Petri
Nancy Schaefer
Arnoldo Williams

Manuel Acero

Bryon Anderson

Jonathan Gomez

Jim Gonzales
Lisa Montes

Aubrey Kuan Roderick

Cheryl Broom
Carlos Lopez
Francisco Rodriguez
Wendy Stewart
Sheri Wright


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