David Broad

David Broad(Term ends 2022)

David Broad is the trustee for Area 6, northwest Oceanside. He became a trustee in December 2010. David was born and raised in Plymouth, England. He received a B.S. and Ph.D. from the University of London where he also carried out postdoctoral research studies. He then moved into the biotech industry where he held several leadership positions in both development and manufacturing.

He emigrated with his family in 1993 to take a position in the San Francisco area before moving to San Diego North County. Here, they are very honored to have become U.S. citizens. In North County, David worked initially for IDEC and then Genentech, where he was the general manager of their Oceanside campus. He led the successful start up and operation of that facility, including employing over five hundred staff members, before he retired in 2008. This facility produced biological drugs for the treatment of various cancers and immune disorders.

David has been involved with MiraCosta since 2001, initially helping set up a biotech-certificate program to train workers for the IDEC/Genentech facility, and then with the MiraCosta Foundation. After his retirement, David became the MiraCosta College Foundation board president and has been active in raising money to help students meet their educational goals. David is passionate about the mission of MiraCosta, which is to provide affordable, quality education for everybody so they can transform their lives.

David was born in 1953, and he and his wife Tina married in 1978. They have one son, Joe, who was born in 1989. He graduated from MiraCosta in 2010.