Christina Hata

Christina Hata

Business Administration Instructor

Christina Hata, an El Camino High School graduate, started her college career at MiraCosta College. She can still remember the moment during her first semester when she was sitting in an English class and decided, “I want to teach college.”

“I knew at that point that I wanted to teach community college,” she explains, “because the focus was on learning.”

After completing her studies at MiraCosta, Christina moved to Colorado, where she took more classes before obtaining her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cal State San Marcos. She then completed her graduate studies in leadership and management at the University of La Verne.

After graduating with her master’s degree, Christina began to pursue her goal of teaching at a community college. She already had fifteen years of business-related work experience under her belt and had started her own consulting company specializing in employee survey research, training and development.

“I really wanted to teach about organizational life,” she says. “I wanted to teach students how to be successful employees and explore what really makes people happy at work and was able to do so through my business.”

Christina then began teaching statistics, management and research to graduate students at the University of LaVerne. She was hired as a business administration instructor at MiraCosta College in fall 2006 and says she couldn’t be happier.

“MiraCosta is really the only place I ever wanted to teach,’ she says. “The thing that has stood out the most about MiraCosta both when I was a student and now as a faculty member is the emphasis is on the student. That’s what makes MiraCosta special.”