Christopher Sleeper

Christopher Sleeper

History Professor and Honors Program Coordinator

MiraCosta College Honors Program Coordinator and history professor Christopher Sleeper is the proud recipient of the prestigious MiraCosta College 2011 Faculty Member of the Year Award. “I am honored that I received this distinguished award,” says Christopher. “I feel privileged to teach at a college that has the reputation of having the best programs and best faculty, and a student body that values their education.”

Professor Sleeper was born and raised in a quaint and historically rich New England town that was home to the family’s 200 year-old farmhouse, which inspired his love of eighteenth century history. While Professor Sleeper was in his sophomore year of high school, the family moved to California. After high school, he enrolled at UC Santa Barbara and joined the Honors Scholar Program. In 1996, he received a bachelor’s degree in history and was awarded the A. Russell Buchanan Award, which is presented to a graduating senior majoring in history who has shown superior scholarship. With his bachelor degree in hand, Professor Sleeper enrolled at UC Riverside where he earned a master’s degree. Soon after, he accepted a position at Mt. San Jacinto College (MSJC) as a history professor and honor program coordinator.

After five years at MSJC, Professor Sleeper made a significant decision— he gave up his department chair, tenure and professorship and accepted a position at MiraCosta College, where he could realize his dream of building an honor program from the ground up.

“I like to build programs and share my passion for learning,” says Professor Sleeper. “The Honors Scholar Program at MiraCosta College has a great reputation. We link up eager students with opportunities to fulfill their academic dreams. It is an extraordinary opportunity to provide highly motivated students an enriching educational experience.”

Professor Sleeper says he enjoys instilling a love of history in his students and appreciates the college’s outstanding resources. “At MiraCosta College, every classroom is a smart room. Our libraries have databases that graduate schools have. And, at the heart of MiraCosta College are the faculty, who are always asking, ‘what do the students need? How will this idea benefit the students?’”

Professor Sleeper, himself a student again—he is pursing a doctoral degree in history—offers students some valuable advice. “Make a commitment to learning and leave a legacy. Find a mentor, even if it is your own inner voice. If you love learning, then go do great things."