Dave Massey

Dance Instructor

Dave Massey discovered his love for dance when he was a teen.  “I was a late starter,” he explains.  When he was 17, this MiraCosta dance instructor decided that merely playing the piano for a summer production of “Music Man” was boring; he would much rather be in the show.  He was cast as a dancer and hasn’t stopped dancing since.

For the next fifteen years, Dave performed, choreographed, and taught dance around the world.

“Dance has taken me so many wonderful places.  I've choreographed in France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, and Germany,” says Dave.  “I've danced with Mary Tyler Moore, Barry Manilow, Dolly Parton, Lucille Ball and many of Hollywood's most talented.   ‘West Side Story,’ ‘Hello Dolly,’ ‘Music Man’ are a few of the musicals I've performed in. I danced in Shirley MacLaine's and Ann-Margret's night club acts and did a host of different TV variety shows and several movies. I really did what I’m now teaching.”

In 1994, after nearly two years of performing on the road, Dave enrolled in Chapman University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, a first step to becoming a physical therapist. However, he soon decided that he would much rather be teaching dance than working as a PT.  “I really wanted to find out how dance, my life's passion, could continue to be part of my life as I got older,” explains Dave.

In 2001, he obtained his Master of Fine Arts in Dance from UC Irvine, began teaching dance at several universities and community colleges, and was soon offered a full-time position at MiraCosta.  Since coming to MiraCosta in 2004, Dave has choreographed and taught jazz, tap, ballet, developed the Pilates Certificate program, and has choreographed the MCC musicals.

“I love teaching dance at MiraCosta. Getting to know the students, talking to them, and helping guide them through what I'm so passionate about, is what it's all about for me.  Plus, dance is really cool, because no matter what type of career you go into there is always a performance element involved. Dance helps give you confidence as you become aware of yourself and aware of your body.”