Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke

Design Drafting Technology Instructor

When Paul Clarke joined the MiraCosta College faculty, he saw a willingness to try new things that he didn’t see at many other colleges he visited.

“Such an environment seemed the perfect place to build a program,” says Paul, lead instructor of the drafting, engineering and architecture programs at MiraCosta College.

Paul is leading the effort to integrate sustainable design throughout the curriculum that prepares students for the growing green building sector. It is his belief that every first-year drafting, engineering and architectural student should be exposed to LEED--Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Paul’s inspiration to introduce sustainable design to students early in their studies came from reading “Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America,” and his own inclination for conservation.

“The influence of regulatory bodies combined with the power of building information modeling (BIM) will make net zero buildings – buildings that produce as much energy as they use – a widespread reality in our lifetime,” Paul says.

Under Paul’s leadership, the number of students in MiraCosta College’s Design Department has doubled in recent years. The program, which makes use of the college’s Design Resource Center with cutting-edge tools for drafting and design, has grown to include rapid prototyping, building information modeling and online courses.

“As chair of the Design Department at MiraCosta College, I am compelled to ensure that what our students learn in the classroom improves the built environment, and helps them to succeed in their professional lives” he says.

Paul joined MiraCosta College in 2003 after visiting colleges with similar design programs throughout Southern California. He felt MiraCosta College was a leading community college because of its collegial environment, student focus and technology resources as well as its talented faculty, staff and administrators. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona, a master’s degree from Long Beach State University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.  He taught in the Design Department at Long Beach State University prior to joining MiraCosta College.

“I am proud of leading a program that contributes to the personal and professional development of our students, and prepares them to make meaningful contributions to the aesthetic and economic vibrancy of our region.”

Along with teaching, Paul is assisting in the development of a sustainability plan for MiraCosta College that is part of the college’s master plan. He plans to offer LEED accreditation and training for MiraCosta College staff with the possibility of certifying the operations and maintenance of existing campus buildings. “There is a tremendous potential to educate our staff and students in the laboratory of our own campus environment,” Clarke says.

“MiraCosta College has been a place where new ideas, innovative programs, and unique services can thrive.  I have enjoyed the freedom to create a new curriculum, implement cutting-edge technology, and deliver courses in unique formats.”