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MiraCosta College Selected to Implement California Guided Pathways Project

MiraCosta College, along with 19 other community colleges, was selected to participate in the California Guided Pathways Project, a venture designed to substantially increase the number of students who earn a degree and/or certificate at a California community college. With the implementation of Guided Pathways, students attending MiraCosta College will receive embedded supports in a system designed to facilitate their progress from entry to successful completion of their educational plans, transfers or career goals.

The California Guided Pathways Project has four essential steps for students:

1. Clarify paths to students’ goals (degrees, certificates, transfer to a four-year institution).
2. Help students choose and enter a pathway.
3. Help students stay on path.
4. Ensure that students are learning.

“MiraCosta College is committed to student learning as we provide quality higher education that is accessible and equitable. Students will now receive a comprehensive set of tools, structured support and guidance from start to finish as they attain their educational and career goals. We are honored to be recognized as a leader for positively impacting the success of our students,” explains MiraCosta College Superintendent/President Sunny Cooke.

MiraCosta College is in the process of developing a guided pathway framework that integrates best practices to support student success.  These include: (1) career assessment and advising to help students make an informed choice on career and academic goals, (2) communities of learning focused on career and academic pathways (like math and science, creative and applied arts and health sciences), (3) clear academic maps to outline specific course sequences, (4) education planning, as well as (5) progress monitoring. In conjunction, these best practices will all help keep students on the path to achieving their goals while they receive non-academic support to assist them develop into successful college students. Students will develop their skills inside the classroom and have opportunities for applying their learning through internships and service learning.