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2017 Philanthropist of the Year Award

The Development and Foundation Office presented the 2017 MiraCosta Cares! Philanthropist of the Year Award to MiraCosta College Human Resources Director, Sheri Wright.

Wright has more than 27 years of experience as a human resources professional. She has served as the director of human resources at MiraCosta College since July 2002 and has provided overall leadership, planning, development, direction and administration of human resources services. Wright also chairs the district’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Advisory Committee, and for the past several years has co-chaired the statewide EEO Advisory Committee.

In addition to the tremendous work she does for MiraCosta College faculty and staff, Wright is a remarkable MiraCosta College employee and donor, supporting a variety of scholarships beyond her family endowment and important initiatives that allow our students to succeed. As a payroll contributor, she has donated more than $28,000 in the past 14 years. Her support through payroll giving and the recent establishment of the Wright Smith Family Study Abroad Scholarship reflects her personal values and her family background of lifelong educators – her grandmother teaching for more than 30 years and two sisters who are teachers.

Wright's endowment supports students who qualify for the study-abroad program offered at MiraCosta College. Wright has a passion for supporting studying abroad, as she believes in its ability to transform a students’ educational experience. One of the best experiences during her undergraduate education was her junior year spent studying at the University of Leeds in the UK and traveling throughout Europe.

Wright was recognized at the MiraCosta Cares! Philanthropist of the Year Award at the 2017 Spring Celebration of Excellence on May 19, 2017.

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