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2018 Medal of Academic Merit Winners

On May 2, 2018, MiraCosta College will honor five Medal of Academic Merit scholars. Formerly known as the Academic Medal of Honor, the Medal of Academic Merit winners will receive the awards at the 54th Annual Presentation dinner hosted by MiraCosta College Superintendent/President Dr. Sunny Cooke.

Yuanming Tang graduated from Raffles Institution in Singapore. Yuanming plans to transfer to a UC school to complete his bachelors in mathematics and then attend medical school because he is "passionate of helping people who are going through pain and suffering." During his time here at MiraCosta, Yuanming has had to work two and three jobs while taking 18-21 units of coursework. In addition to that, Yaunming is also a student leader and is currently the ASG Vice President of Finance. Yaunming is a representation of dedication, passion, and determination.

Lindsey Tam plans to transfer to a four-year university and double major in anthropology and mathematics. During her time at MiraCosta, Lindsey has been an active student leader and is currently serving as the ASG President. Lindsey chose to attend MiraCosta to participate in the Honors Scholar Program and loves to participate in community events and to engage with faculty and students. Through the honors program, Lindsey had the opportunity to conduct and present research at prestigious symposiums, including one held at Stanford University.

Aaron Tolopilo is currently taking his general education to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a degree in geology. Aaron's main reason for attending MiraCosta was the opportunity to participate in what he refers to as an excellent honors program. While attending MiraCosta, Aaron battled anxiety and severe depression, which made continuing in school and pursuing high grades in his classes arduous at time, but he has now emerged from what he calls "those dark times" and is a stronger human being.

April Laks is a sociology major and plans to transfer to UC Santa Cruz in Fall 2018. During her time at MiraCosta, she has been volunteering at Maryland Elementary School. For her, the community has been the largest significance in her time at MiraCosta and states that she has, "met some of the most truly inspiring individuals that have actually helped shape her into the student she is today." April hopes to continue to give back to the community and find another elementary school to volunteer with when she transfers.

Homavirak Prak plans to transfer to a four-year university and major in Liberal Arts with an area of emphasis in mathematics and sciences. Homavirak juggles being a full-time student, work, and parenthood. Homavirak enjoyed the culture at MiraCosta College, how the college fosters a setting of acceptance and aid that, he feels, "stretched the limits of patience." He has been a proud full-time Spartan for the last three years.