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Athletic Fields Targeted for Measure MM Bond Program Improvements

MiraCosta Community College District has announced that a major site improvement project under the Measure MM Bond Program is now in the design phase. The track and field area at the district's Oceanside Campus will be renovated to allow for more sporting activities, a new building and increased storage.

The existing track will be removed to facilitate the addition of an international-sized soccer field and a multi-purpose field in its place. A walking/jogging path will be located around the perimeter of the athletic fields. This will help to create a small athletics field complex to better utilize the “bowl” area. The softball/ baseball field will be relocated to the East of the new gym complex.

The renovation project will be combined with construction of a new athletics field support building, which will replace the existing storage building, and also provide restrooms and equipment storage for the new track and athletic fields.  

Voters in the MiraCosta Community College District successfully passed Measure MM in November, 2016. The $455 million bond program will be spent on the approved list of capital improvements on the District's Oceanside and San Elijo campuses and the Community Learning Center in North Oceanside. Before the November 2016 vote, it had been more than 50 years since MiraCosta College passed a bond to repair or improve facilities. 

Measure MM is a $455 million general obligation (GO) bond approved by voters in 2016 to modernize aging facilities and upgrade instructional technology. Learn more at Measure MM.