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MiraCosta College Celebrates Second Pilipinx American History Month

MiraCosta College will celebrate the second Pilipinx American History Month (PAHM) with a one-day conference called “Building PAHMilya.” The one-day conference is on October 19, 2018, from 10 a.m.–3:15 p.m. at 1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056.

The conference will include workshops, resources, and Pilipinx (the term “Pilipinx” was chosen to embrace inclusivity) guest speakers from varying fields, such as higher education, arts, and film industry, who will present on topics regarding Filipino history and culture. The “Building PAHMilya” conference also provides a platform for student leaders to facilitate interactive breakout circles with attendees.

“The need to honor and celebrate the Philippine community is important at MiraCosta College,” said Dr. Desmond Morente, associate counselor and co-coordinator of PAHM at MiraCosta College. “Our narratives and experiences as Pilipinx Americans have been left out of textbooks, curriculum, and the media. October is Filipino American History Month and we want to honor and celebrate the contributions of Pilipinx Americans.”

PAHM’s purpose is to build an inclusive community; foster belonging; and provide a platform for Pilipinx-American students to impact change and promote history, culture, and opportunities. 

Events scheduled for the one-day conference include:

Building A Legacy While Honoring One’s Roots—“No History, No Self. Know History, Know Self”
Presenter: Cristine Sidela, MiraCosta College Student Services Coordinator Academic Success & Equity Programs
This keynote address will be a raw, authentic reflection of the competing culture clash of the Filipino-American identity while also honoring the need to retain the culture, values, and strengths that embody the Filipino culture.

Archipelagoes of History and the Imagination
Presenter: Dr. John Blanco, UC San Diego Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Spanish, and Cultural Studies
This workshop will discuss the ways that the imagination not only fills in the gaps of documented history in the Philippines and among Filipino-Americans, but also exercised a profound influence on the historical agents responsible for the colonization and decolonization of the Philippines and the trans-Pacific world.  

Behind the Scenes with Filmmaker, Rommel Andaya of RAWMIX Productions
Presenter: Rommel Andaya, Independent Filmmaker
A discussion with filmmaker Rommel Andaya on his journey in film and new media. He will speak about his experience with independent filmmaking, film festivals, film competitions, and gaining experience in the entertainment industry.   

The Only Filipina in the Room: Learning to Navigate the STEM Path
 Presenter: Dr. Kristine Arquero, MiraCosta College Chemistry Professor
Dr. Kristine Arquero will share her personal journey in chemistry from student to professor. Engage in conversation about how to step out of the imposter syndrome.

Gender and Sex in the Pilipinx Community
Presenter: Sean Davis, MiraCosta College Sociology Professor
MiraCosta’s Sociology professor Sean Davis will also present at the conference with his interactive workshop pertaining to the LGBTQIA+ community in the Philippines and in the United States.

Pilipinx Art and Photography
Presenter: Ron Recaido, Artist/Illustrator and EastSide Collective
Recaido will be presenting artwork from “The Kwento Thesis” visual documentary on cultural heritage, immigration, experiences of a first generation American and community involvement. Leo from EastSide Collective will be presenting artwork from album covers and magazine work focused on hip-hop.

For more information, contact Taylor Tirona at ttirona@miracosta.edu, or Student Equity studentequity@miracosta.edu, or visit miracosta.edu/pahm.