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Incident Concerns the Safety of the MiraCosta College Community

This BULLETIN is being posted to advise you of an incident that concerns the safety of the MiraCosta College community. Please take all necessary precautions.

On 01.22.2019, at about 1250 hours, on the Oceanside Campus (1 Barnard Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056), a female student was sitting in her parked vehicle in Parking Lot 2B Overflow when a male pulled up next to her. The male tried to make small talk with the female. When the female attempted to leave, the male got out of his car and exposed his penis. The female took a picture of the man's vehicle as it was driving away (photo included below). The vehicle is a dark gray BMW 320i with a pink Auto Nation license plate frame and white paper plates that state Certified Pre-Owned.  

Adult male, 5'10" to 6'01," brown hair, brown skin, short beard, and wears glasses. Said to possibly be of Middle Eastern decent.

College Police will be providing extra patrol to the campuses. Please consider the following safety tips:
Walk with a companion whenever possible.
Be aware of your surroundings; report any suspicious behavior to College Police immediately at (760) 795-6640 (please enter this number into your cellular telephone). 

Always carry a cellular telephone, and consider carrying a whistle or other noise-making device that can be used to attract attention or summon assistance. 

If you do encounter someone presenting harassing/threatening behavior, immediately go to the nearest occupied campus building to report the incident; try to remember as many details about the person and their vehicle (if any) as possible.     

Emergency call boxes are located at the following locations on the Oceanside campus; Parking lots 3A, 3C, 4C, 5A and 5B. Call boxes are also located next to several buildings; 1000 building, 2000 building, 3200 building, 3400 building, 3600 building, 4500 building, 4800 building, and 7000 building. On the San Elijo Campus, call boxes are located in lots 2 and 5 and next to the following buildings: 300, 400, 500, 900, 1000 and the Police Department Kiosk. And at the Community Learning Center call boxes are located at the entrance of the main building.      

Should you observe, or know who the suspect is, please notify the MiraCosta College Police Department immediately by calling 760.795.6640.