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Dear MiraCostan:

Please find this message as the first update in a series of communications regarding MiraCosta College’s effort to become a model institution for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Your involvement and participation is critical to the progress of the district.

MiraCosta College serves a diverse community and is committed to celebrating the diversity of our campus community. That commitment is woven into the fabric of our institution, and promotes acceptance, respect, and civility. A welcoming and inclusive campus experience is grounded in mutual respect, nurtured by dialogue, evidenced by a pattern of civil interaction, and is one of the foundations of our educational model. Creating and maintaining a community culture that respects individual needs, backgrounds, abilities, and potential is critically important. 

On our journey, a workgroup consisting of faculty, staff, and administrators went through a robust process of vetting and interviewing several consultants specializing in DEI in fall 2018. Rankin & Associates Consulting was selected. 

Rankin & Associates Consulting’s strong theoretical approach and extensive experience working with roughly 190 universities and community colleges nationwide has positioned them as an authority on campus-wide assessment, strategic planning, and intervention strategies. Rankin & Associates will take a comprehensive approach to assessing the college culture, which includes conducting an internal/external analysis of college data, coordinating 20 focus groups of students and employees, and the deployment of broad constituent assessment. 
During 2019/20, a team from Rankin & Associates Consulting will be working with a committee of students, staff, faculty, and administrators from MiraCosta College to develop and implement the assessment. This is our chance to make a difference in MiraCosta College’s future, our opportunity to make positive, lasting changes and to help create a more inclusive campus. 

The steering committee and college will reflect on the results of this assessment and craft a series of recommendations for the district to enable us to both develop programs and policies that increase inclusion in areas where improvement is needed and enhance areas that are successfully meeting the needs of the community.

If you are interested in learning more about college experience assessment, check out the website at miracosta.edu/thoughts. The website will remain current with project status and updates. 

I hope that you will join me in supporting this important project. More information will follow as MiraCosta College engages in this critical work.

Sunita V. Cooke, Ph.D.