News - 11/12/2013

Gun Buy-Back Scheduled for November 30 at MiraCosta College’s San Elijo Campus

On Saturday, November 30, 7 a.m.-2 p.m., the San Diego County Sheriff's Department will host a Gun Buy Back at MiraCosta College’s San Elijo Campus, located at 3333 Manchester Avenue, Cardiff. This is the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, and no classes are scheduled during this time.
One of the college's institutional goals is to be a conscientious community partner. The college's decision to participate in this event rested on our firm belief that the voluntary surrendering of guns will help keep our community a safer place by potentially keeping guns out of the hands of children and criminals. Some of you may have questions about this event. The FAQ below were developed in response to some of these questions. If you have any others, please do not hesitate to contact Cheryl Broom at or call 760.795.6612.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
The Gun Buy-Back Event at the San Elijo Campus
Saturday, November 30, 2013
Why is MiraCosta College participating in a gun buy-back program?
The San Diego Sheriff’s Department approached the college with a request to host the gun buy-back event. MiraCosta College has an institutional goal of responsible community partnership, and this event is connected very well to that goal. The goal of the gun buy-back program is to help people dispose of guns they no longer wish to possess and, particularly, guns which might be accessed by small children.
Does this event violate MiraCosta College policy regarding guns on campus?
No, Board policy 3530 is provided here in its entirety:

“Firearms or other weapons shall be prohibited on any college or district center or in any facility of the district except for activities conducted under the direction of district officials or as authorized by an official law enforcement agency. Duly sworn police officers are exempt from this policy through the authority vested in the campus police by the Board of Trustees.”
How will firearms be handled?
People turning in weapons will be required to have them secured in the trunks of their vehicles. Sheriff’s deputies will handle the weapons, not civilians.
If there are protestors, how will they be handled?
The Sheriff’s Department will set aside an area for protestors, which will provide them an opportunity to be seen and heard.  At the last event conducted in San Diego, two protestors appeared.
Can employees of MiraCosta College access the San Elijo Campus during the event?
Yes. The event is on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend when all MiraCosta College campuses are closed; however, faculty or staff members who need to access the San Elijo Campus will have a separate parking area and will be escorted to it by either sheriff’s deputies or MiraCosta College police, who will be present for this event.

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