Press - 06/3/2013

New Classes Just Added!

New online nutrition classes added to summer schedule:

NUTR100 Nutrition Today (#1470) (3 units) ONLINE 6 weeks 

This course relates scientific concepts of nutrition to the function of nutrients in basic life processes. It emphasizes individual needs, food sources of nutrients, current nutrition issues, life cycle nutrition, food safety and diet analysis.

NUTR105 Human Performance and Sports Nutrition (#1471) (3 units) ONLINE 8 weeks

This course introduces nutrition concepts to students interested in sports, fitness and health. Topics include macro and micro nutrient intakes, hydration, pre- and post-event food, supplements and ergogenic aids, weight control, and body composition related to performance.

And a new kinesiology class:

KINE190 Introduction to Kinesiology (#1472) ONLINE 8 weeks

This introduction to kinesiology and nutrition covers diet and fitness assessments.

There’s still time to register! Log on to SURF.


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