Press - 12/12/2013

New to College this Spring?  Join our First Year Experience Program!

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program is designed to assist first-year or re-entry college students taking pre-transfer level courses. The main objective is to facilitate your transition to college via a supportive network of faculty, services and academic support.
If you are looking to maximize potential to succeed academically, this is the perfect program for you.
Join the FYE Program by enrolling in ALL THREE courses below:
American College English Group
SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology – (Class #3306)
This course explores the connections among human relations, social institutions, and social organization/social structures.
T/TH 8:00-9:20AM
ACE 92 – English Support for Sociology – (Class #2526)
This class will help you build the reading, writing, vocabulary, and listening/speaking skills you need to support your success in sociology.
W 11:00-12:15PM  (This is a late-start class, 2/12-05/07)
ACE 50* – Introduction to College Composition – (Class #3116)
M/W 1:00-3:20PM
*Eligibility to enroll in English 50, ESL 50 or ACE 50 as determined by the English assessment.
For more information contact Jose L. Mota, FYE Program coordinator/counselor at or 760.757.2121 ext. 6267.

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