Press - 02/11/2014

Summer Priority Enrollment

All students are eligible to enroll in classes using our SURF online enrollment system. After the application is processed at the college, students will receive an email message outlining additional steps. Student IDs (also known as the SURF IDs) are required in order to use the online system. IDs are NOT sent to the students. Students are required to retrieve their own ID and set up a password online at Student tutorials are also available through this website.

Check page 11 in the summer/fall class schedule or SURF for your exact enrollment date and time. New students must retrieve their own student ID number and set up a password in our SURF registration system PRIOR to enrolling. Concurrently enrolled high school students are restricted from enrolling early and may only enroll approximately two weeks prior to the start of the term.

Enrollment is based on a priority system. If you are active in our system (either as a continuing student or a new application has been processed), then you will have a priority date and time to enroll in classes. Continuing students will be able to view their enrollment appointment in SURF. New and returning applicants will enroll on a later registration date (see page 12) unless they fall under rules as defined below. Understanding the priority system is important to ensure that you make use of the earliest opportunity for enrollment. (Priority may not apply for enrollment in vocational or allied health programs requiring a separate application process.)

Special Populations: The following four student groups shall receive first enrollment priority for the purpose of providing equalization of educational opportunity:

  • Members or former members of the Armed Forces of the United States for any academic term within four years of leaving active duty or are currently receiving G.I. Bill benefits.

  • Foster youth and former foster youth (up to and including the age of 24).

  • Disabled students as defined by statute and upon the recommendation of Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS).

  • Disadvantaged students ad defined by statute and upon the recommendation of Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)/
Continuing Students: Priority is based on the number of units previously completed (not in-progress units) at MiraCosta College.

Matriculated Students: Both new and continuing students may earn enrollment priority by completing testing, orientation and advisement (see page 8 for more information).

New and Returning Students: These students are NOT continuing from the previous term and have submitted an application for enrollment. 

Concurrently Enrolled High School Students: State regulations require that high school students have a lower priority than regularly admitted students. These students are encouraged to complete testing, orientation and advisement; however, they may not earn early enrollment privileges by doing so. High school students who have not yet graduated from high school are required to submit a concurrent enrollment permit for each semester of college attendance. Although students may be assigned an earlier appointment time based on inclusion in categories listed above, the appointment will not be usable and the enrollment will be blocked until the appropriate date. 

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