Student Ambassdador Application 2013-2014

Welcome to MiraCosta Student Ambassador Application page.  To learn more about what Student Ambassadors do, please visit the Student Ambassadors Blogs!

Student Ambassador Job Description

Under the direction of the Coordinator of School Relations and Diversity Outreach or assigned supervisor, participate in the following student services areas:

  1. Assist in the delivery of outreach programs and services targeting underrepresented populations and promote college enrollment throughout the local schools and community.
  2. Provide peer-advising services for high school students.
  3. Develop workshops and presentations for high school, junior high, and elementary school students.
  4. Attend mandatory weekly staff meetings.
  5. Represent MiraCosta College during college nights, career fairs, school visits, and other informational programs.
  6. Confirm and lead campus tours.
  7. Assist as needed in the planning and/or implementation of special activities such as Senior Admissions Day, College Hour presentation and Relay for Life.
  8. Staff the campus information booths during registration periods and semester startups.
  9. Within provided guidelines, assist staff during arena registration and orientation/advisement sessions.
  10. Ensure the proper distribution of MiraCosta informational brochures and class schedules to area schools.
  11. Participate in leadership workshops and in-service training as scheduled.
  12. Other duties as assigned.


  1. You must be a currently enrolled student at MiraCosta College or a first-time student who intends to enroll in classes during the fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old by the first day of employment.
  3. You must maintain a 2.5 grade point average or higher and be enrolled in a minimum of six units per semester.
  4. You must be available to work between 5 and 15 hours per week including occasional evening and weekend commitments (hours will vary depending on the time of year i.e. registration periods, college fairs, orientations). Consideration will be given to student class schedules.
  5. You must be willing to provide assistance and be able to effectively communicate with people of diverse cultural, social, and educational backgrounds.
  6. All Student Ambassadors must be available to attend program training sessions and the teambuilding retreat. The training sessions will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. during the week of August 5. The teambuilding retreat will take place during the week of August 12. 

Desirable Qualifications

  1. Intent to enroll at MiraCosta College for at least two semesters after initial employment.
  2. Valid California driver's license.
  3. Fluency in a language other than English.
  4. Active in school or community events.
  5. Enjoy public speakings and work in a team enviornment.

Applications must be submitted online no later than July 10, 2013.

To be considered for the Student Ambassador Program, we ask for:

Applicant Information

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Cell Phone:
Other Phone:
Date of Birth:
Ethnicity *:
* NOTE: Your age or ethnicity will have no bearing on acceptance to the Student Ambassador Program. This data is gathered for statistical purposes only.   
Last High School Attended:
Languages Spoken Fluently
(other than English):
Will you be at MiraCosta for at least two semesters?
Have you ever been convicted of any felony, a misdemeanor drug charge, or a misdemeanor of moral turpitude (sexual offense) crime? if yes, please explain:
Please list three references (at least one MiraCosta faculty or staff member preferred if available). In addition, please include at least one former high school counselor or teacher if you have attended a local high school within the last five years.
Name Address Email Phone
Leadership/Volunteer Activities:
Employment History
(list 2 of the most recent employment positions held):
Company/Organization & Title Worked from Worked to
Student Status (check one):
Surf ID # *:
* Note to New Students: If you don't have a Surf ID already, you may leave this field blank and still submit your application.   
Intended Major:
Academic Goals:
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Where do you plan to attend classes at MiraCosta?
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Why do you wish to apply to the Student Ambassador Program?
(check your three top reasons)

Write an essay that explains why you are interested in joining this program and becoming an
Student Ambassador. Describe how you would benefit from participating in the Student Ambassador  Program and how the program would benefit from your participation. Tell us about your interests outside the classroom, and outline your long term career goals. Be sure to include any achievements or awards you have earned. What should the Student Ambassador Program know about you? (300 to 400 words)

(check one)
(unofficial transcripts are acceptable)

For Students with College Coursework other than MiraCosta College

Remember, it is your responsibility to secure your transcripts and one letter of recommendation to Aubrey Kuan Roderick, MiraCosta College, via email ( or under separate delivery (Your application is not complete until your transcripts have been received.

Submit the Application

By submitting this application to the Office of School Relations & Diversity Outreach, I certify that the answers I have provided herein are true and correct, and that I have not knowingly or willingly withheld any facts or circumstances which may affect my acceptance and/or participation in the Student Ambassador  Program.

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Mailing Address

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Office Hours

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