How to Apply & Enroll in Credit Classes

Welcome to MiraCosta College! Ready to get started? Follow the steps below to begin your educational journey! NOTE: see critical information about CLEARING YOUR PREREQUISITES ON STEP 4.

(See step 4 for important information about clearing prerequisites)

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Note: clicking the button will take you to another site. If you have a copy of your high school transcripts available you may want to have it handy when filling out the application as there are questions about your coursework and grades.

MiraCosta College uses CCCApply to process all of our applications. Submitting an online application is a two-step process. First: create an OpenCCC account (CCC stands for California Community Colleges). Second: continue to "Start New Application" for MiraCosta College. (see PDF Instructions).

If you are a continuing student (i.e. have not had two semesters or more off) you do not need to submit a new application.

If you are a returning student (i.e. have been gone more than two semesters) you will need to follow the steps above to submit a new application.

(See step 4 for important information about clearing prerequisites)

All students (new and current) must complete matriculation in order to qualify for priority enrollment.  Matriculation gets you off to a great start on your college career and leads to higher student success. Matriculation has four parts: assessments, orientation, advisement and education planning. The easiest way to take yourself through all the steps for matriculation is to log into your SURF Account and use the Matriculation Activity Guide!

Matriculation Activity Guide

Assessments:  The assessment process is intended to help place you in courses in which you will thrive. Some students may meet specific criteria to be exempt from taking the English and/or Mathematics Assessments through alternative multiple measures. Contact or visit the Testing Office to determine eligibility for placement based on your high school transcript.

    If you do not meet the criteria, you will have the option to take the Assessments or submit proof of Alternatives to the Assessments such as English/Math Placement results from another California Community College. Students who have completed English and/or Math courses at another regionally accredited college or university and received a grade of 'C' or better ('C- will not count) may submit transcripts along with the Prerequisite/Priority Enrollment Form to Admissions and Records.

    IMPORTANT: Sending an official transcript to MiraCosta College will not automatically clear prerequisites or cause your English/Math to be cleared for priority enrollment you must also submit the Prerequisite/Priority Enrollment Form.

Education Planning:  You will complete a First Semester Abbreviated Educational Plan in the Matriculation Activity Guide. To receive a Comprehensive Educational Plan or update your Educational Plan, meet with a Counselor.

(See step 4 for important information about clearing prerequisites)

We have several tools available for you to use while choosing your classes. Before your application has been processed by logging onto SURF as a guest. (Click the "View Surf" link under "DON'T HAVE A SURF ID"). In order to search for classes in SURF make sure that you set the correct Term, enter the subject and Course Career = Credit.

Once you have your SURF ID you can log into SURF to use our additional tools:

myEdPlan Logo
myEdPlan is an electronic tool to help you see which courses you need to complete your academic goal

Schedule Builder Logo
Schedule Builder is an electronic tool to help you build your class schedule once you know which classes you need.

If your course(s) require a prerequisite you must clear the prerequisite prior to enrolling for the course.

Coursework from another school that is being used to clear the prerequisite at MiraCosta must be submitted to Admissions and Records with the Prerequisite/Priority Enrollment Form. MiraCosta will accept Official or Unofficial transcripts for proof of completion of prerequisite coursework as long as the school name, student name, course and grade are clearly visible.

Placement test from another California Community College may be used to clear the prerequisite at MiraCosta and must be submitted to the Testing Office (email: See all the alternatives to taking an assessment test.

Log into your SURF Account to enroll in and pay for your classes.

We have plenty of tutorials to help you navigate if you get stuck!

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