New Student Checklist

We realize that being a new CalWORKs student can be very confusing.  As such, we have provided you with a checklist to ensure that you do not miss any important steps during your first semester with the program.

All of the appointments listed below can be made by contacting the CalWORKs Office at (760) 795- 6680, unless otherwise specified.

Step 1 - Make a New Student appointment

What to expect: During your New Student appointment, a CalWORKs staff member will determine your program eligibility. S/he will also gather your contact information to ensure that you receive valuable newsletters and emails about upcoming CalWORK events and services, as well as changes to San Diego County's CalWORKs program.

Step 2 - Make an Individualized Training Plan (ITP) appointment

What to Expect: During your ITP appointment, a CalWORKs staff member will assist you with completing your ITP form (used by ResCare to create your Welfare-to-Work Plan), along with your materials request form (necessary to receive payment from San Diego County for your textbooks, health fees, student ID card, and campus parking permit). 

Step 3 - Make a Welfare-to-Work Plan appointment with ResCare

To schedule your appointment, contact the appropriate ResCare office below:

Oceanside- (760) 696-9600 / Escondido- (760) 871-1900

What to Expect: During your Welfare-to-Work Plan appointment, your Employment Counselor (EC) will develop a plan for you using the class and study hours specified on your ITP. You will be required to complete those hours each week during the term of your contract.

**Your EC cannot authorize your child care or issue checks for your textbooks, parking permit and health fees until you complete this appointment. As such, you will want to schedule your Welfare-to-Work Plan appointment immediately following the completion of your ITP.**

Step 4 - Make a Student Education Plan appointment

What to expect: During your Student Education Plan appointment you will work with a counselor to choose a career path that meets your individualized needs. In doing so, you will select a major and receive guidance in choosing classes that meet the requirements of your major.