Frequently Asked Questions

What type of goal may I pursue at MiraCosta?

What do I do if I am undecided about my goals?

Discuss your educational and career plans as soon as possible with a counselor. You may also make use of the resources in the Transfer Center and the Career Center. For course selection, use the checklists for the Associate in Arts degree, the California State University General Education (CSUGE/Plan B) requirements, or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC/Plan C).

How do I earn a degree from MiraCosta? If I have a degree, am I automatically ready to transfer to a university?

The Associate Degree Checklist can be picked up at the Counseling office on both campuses. You may not have met all requirements for transfer after receiving your Associate in Arts degree. Consult the college catalog of the school of your choice. More information is available in the Transfer Center or by making an appointment with a counselor. Appointments with representatives from the local colleges (UCSD, CSUSM, SDSU, UCR, and some private colleges) are also available through the Transfer Center.

How do I find out about a career technical education certificate and, if I get one, can I return to get a degree?

Requirements for career technical education certificates are listed at the end of the course descriptions in each discipline. Most Certificates of Achievement may be used as a major for an Associate degree. If desired, a student may choose to acquire the certificate first and then complete the general education and other requirements toward an Associate degree.

How long may I take to complete a college program? May I continue to attend MiraCosta College after completing my degree or certificate?

Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits may have some time restrictions, otherwise there is no restriction to the length of time it takes to complete a program or to the number of units you may earn. (However, if you transfer to a 4-year school, only 70 transferable units may be applied to the Bachelor's degree.)

Where can I find out about academic policies such as attendance, grading, dropping and adding courses, repeating a course, probation, etc.?

The MiraCosta College Catalog explains all policies and is available online. You are responsible for becoming familiar with the catalog and the schedule. Rules listed in the catalog that was in effect the year you began continuous enrollment at MiraCosta are applicable throughout your stay at MiraCosta as long as you maintain continuous enrollment status.