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Catalog & Schedule

The two most important "books" you will need at MiraCosta College are the college catalog and the college schedule of classes.

The College Catalog
MiraCosta's College Catalog contains comprehensive information about the college. It is an extremely useful tool in planning your college program, degree, certificate and university transfer path. It contains information describing instructional programs and courses, support services for students, academic policies of the college, and rights and responsibilities of the student.

The catalog serves as a contract between the college and the student for any Associate in Arts degree or certificate program and is binding for the student who is continuously enrolled. Students who interrupt their education for two concurrent semesters are bound by the catalog that is current to the date of their re-enrollment. You can view the catalog online, purchase it for $5 in the college bookstore, or receive a free copy by attending an Advisement Session.

The College Class Schedule
The MiraCosta College Class Schedule provides a listing of the days, times and locations of courses offered during a particular semester (fall, spring, summer).  Each class has a Catalog Number, such as English 100, and a Class Number that distinguishes each of the classes with the same number, such as English 100, Class Number 1476 or English 100, Class Number 1505. Class units reflect the number of hours the class meets each week and the credit given the student for the taking the course.

The class schedule can be viewed online, or paper copies are free and available on campus and in our local libraries.

Student Services

MiraCosta College knows there are many issues in your life that can affect your success in the classroom. Student Services are designed to help you resolve those concerns so you can learn and succeed. The following Student Services can help.

Admissions and Records Office
The Admissions and Records office is responsible for processing applications, registering students in credit and noncredit classes, processing grades, maintaining academic records, sending transcripts of these records to other schools, evaluating records for graduation, and enforcing academic regulations. The functions of Admissions and Records are handled in three locations: the Oceanside Campus, the San Elijo Campus, and the Community Learning Center.     

Counseling Services
The counseling Department is committed to helping students make effective academic, personal, and career decisions. Counseling Services are generally offered through individual sessions, but e-mail workshops, group sessions, and classes are available.

Child Development Center
The Child Development Center at MiraCosta College serves as a campus-based child development program providing both academic instruction to students enrolled in child development/early childhood education courses and childcare services to student, staff, and community families. Providing demonstration classrooms to the college community, our program offers a model of best practice in early childhood education while providing students learning opportunities through observation and on-floor interactions with young children and their families. Parents should be aware of the teacher training and community service components of the program when enrolling their child.       

Student Accounts Office (cashier)
Students may pay all fees (including parking fees, parking citations, child care and transcripts), pick up scholarship and work-study checks, process Military Tuition Assistance forms, deferment forms, in-progress waivers, and audit forms. Students eligible for EOPS/FA emergency loans may pick up their checks. Students may also submit refund request forms at the Student Accounts Office, if eligible for refunds according to the MiraCosta College refund policy. Staff at the Student Accounts Office is not permitted to cash personal or payroll checks. Forms of payment accepted at the Student Accounts Office include cash, checks, money orders and VISA/MC.

Campus Police/Parking
The Parking/Campus Police offices are located in the Parking Lot1A at the Oceanside Campus, on the east side of the entrance to the San Elijo Campus, and in the front of the Community Learning Center. Campus Police staff is responsible for maintaining the registration of the motor vehicles, orderly parking of vehicles, and the general safety/security of the student body, faculty and staff. Students are required to purchase parking permits. Campus guests and visitors not driving a college-registered vehicle must obtain a special parking permit at the Parking/Campus Police Office. Disabled students who require special parking must have a Department of Motor Vehicles placard with their DMV identification or license plate.

Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S)
Students who have a physical, visual, psychological, communication, or learning disability, an acquired brain injury, or are developmentally delayed learners are eligible for specific individualized supportive services while they attend classes at MiraCosta College. Services are designed to assist students in adapting to their specific limitations and in participating fully in the regular college program. Accommodations may include providing note takers, interpreters, readers, mobility assistance, etc. Other benefits for students with a disability may include: priority registration, parking access, an adaptive computer lab, liaison with the physical education department, and special noncredit classes for the developmentally delayed learners, and learning strategies classes for learning disabled students.

Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS)
Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) is a statewide outreach and assistance program which provides a unique educational support system for individuals from educationally and financially diverse backgrounds. EOPS participants receive advising, special financial aid information and assistance, plus a wide variety of other services.

EOPS offers:

Apply by completing:

Financial Aid Office

The financial Aid office assists student with financial aid questions and concerns. Financial Aid includes a variety of federal and state programs designed to provide students access to an education. Financial Aid is not designed to provide total support but to bridge the gap between educational cost and available resources. Programs available at MiraCosta College include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Stafford Loan, and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan. State programs include the Extended Opportunity Program and Services, and the Board of Governors Waiver, which assist with registration fees, CAL Grant B and C.

Student Employment ServicesStudent Employment Services assist MiraCosta College students in finding on and off campus employment opportunities. Current on campus opportunities are posted on the jobtrack Internet site and off campus opportunities are posted weekly on a job board located in he patio area, east of the cafeteria on the Oceanside Campus and in the student lounge in the San Elijo Campus.

Health Services

MiraCosta College's Student Health Services Program is available at booth Oceanside and San Elijo campuses. The mandated fee covers the cost of operational expenses of the Student Health Service centers.  It also covers secondary student accident insurance, which would cover accidents that occur on campus. The Student Health Service centers are staffed by registered nurses that are trained to assist students who have medical need health problems. Health Services focuses its services and programs in the following areas:

School Relations/Diversity Outreach

This program is designed to serve as a resource for students, parents, faculty and staff from schools in the college area, and is responsible for implementing student outreach services to encourage diversity in the student body.

Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors are MiraCosta students hired by the School Relations/Diversity Outreach Department. Ambassadors serve as peer advisors to high school students in district schools, develop workshops for elementary and junior high school students, provide information at community events, provide on-campus tours and perform a variety of other high profile assignments.

Student Activities OfficeThe Office of Student Activities is rich with events, information, activities and various resources. It is the focal point for service and leadership development programs.

These services enhance the educational experience of students and foster social, intellectual, and physical growth. The staff is firmly committed to actively promoting student involvement and development.

Associated Student Government
As a student of MiraCosta College, you are also member of the Associated Student s of MiraCosta College. Managing the affairs of the associated students in the Associated Student Government (ASG). The goal of the ASG is to give a voice to all MiraCosta students, enabling them to become part of the college community. ASG's major responsibilities are: appointing students to campus committees, sharing governance in the development of the college policies and an annual ASG budget, allocating funds and administering a program of activities and services for students.

ClubsJoining a campus club is a great way to enrich your academic experience at MiraCosta. There are all types of clubs on campus and they change periodically with the changing interest of the student body. 

They include cultural, religious, political and social clubs.  Stop by the Student Activities Office more information.

MiraCosta College participates in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference, which  includes Grossmont, Palomar, Southwestern, San Diego City, San Diego Mesa, San Diego Miramar, Mt. San Jacinto and Imperial Valley Colleges. Women’s and Men's varsity teams compete in basketball and soccer. Women’s volleyball will begin in the Fall of 2014.   MiraCosta College also has a surf team, which competes in the collegiate division of the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) and a women’s sand volleyball team that competes as a club sport. For more information please contact athletic director Patrick Conahan (

The Chariot - Student Newspaper
The Chariot, MiraCosta College's newspaper, covers key aspects of campus life. Issues are distributed free of charge to all students, faculty, staff, to other schools, and to interested alumni. The purpose of the Chariot is to serve MiraCosta by providing news, features, and calendar information on a wide variety of campus activities. It offers photography, art, business, advertising, communications, and other majors, and an opportunity to gain practical experience in the dynamic world of journalism. Everyone involved reports on items of interest to the college and community.

College Hour
College Hour is a time set aside of student events and activities each Thursday during the noon hour. Students who wish to be involved should arrange their schedules to keep the time slot free since some classes are scheduled during this time. College Hour events include concerts, meetings, performances, games, interactive workshops, club activities, and lectures. Be sure to stop by each Thursday for food and fun.

Housing Referrals
Need housing or a roommate? The Student Activities Office maintains a housing book for students who need housing or a roommate. Arrangements may include rooms, apartments, houses to rent/share, or room and board in exchange for work. To view the housing binder, stop by the Student Activities Office during regular business hours.

ID Cards
The MiraCosta College Student ID Card is required to check out library materials including reserved materials, to use computer labs, write checks at the college bookstore, check out recreational equipment and other materials, use certain college facilities, and more. Additionally, the card may be used for off-campus discounts at participating copy centers, theaters, restaurants, travel agencies, clubs, museums, sports events, and other businesses, listed in the ID card brochure (available in the Student Activities Office). To get your student I.D. contact or see the Student Activities Office.

Information Center
If you have any news or information you want to post on campus, bring a copy to the Student Activities Office and it will be displayed at the information center. All literature must be approved by the Student Activities Office and will be posted for two weeks, call the Student Activities Office for details or check your college catalog.

Spartan Bookstores
The Spartan Bookstores are operated by Follett, Inc. Textbooks and school supplies needed for MiraCosta College classes are available, as well as computer software, art, and drafting supplies, calculators, tape recorders, batteries, backpacks, clothing, snacks, greeting cards, gifts and sundries. All textbooks may also be ordered through

Tutoring (Retention Center)
Free peer tutoring for most classes is available at all campuses to any MiraCosta student who is officially enrolled and regularly attends class. Tutors are students who are recommended by instructors and trained to help other students who are having difficulty with course material or how to study. Tutoring is available by appointment and a drop-in basis.

University Transfer Center
The Transfer Center is committed to providing services which directly assist potential transfer students preparing for upper-division work at a four-year college or university. The Transfer Center attempts to identify and encourage students who have or who may choose transferring as their educational goal. Advising sessions with university representatives, transfer workshops, and trips to colleges and University Transfer Days are some of the services provided.

Veterans Services

The college assists eligible veterans, dependents and active-duty military in obtaining their VA education benefits and achieving their educational goals. Information is provided on VA benefits and services. Applicants are assisted in completing applications and forms necessary for VA benefits and assistance in transferring to other institutions. Information on veteran educational programs are provided.


Because you are starting your education career, it is helpful to know the rules of the road. Knowing the academic policies, and your rights and responsibilities will help you avoid pitfalls that may prevent you from reaching your goals.

Academic Policies
For each class you complete, you receive a grade of either A, B, C, D, or F. A class is worth a set number of units, typically between one and four. The total collection of your grades and units make up your Grade Point Average or GPA, a very important number.

Your GPA represents the quality of your work, so it is important to strive for a high GPA. The minimum requirement to be in good standing with the college is a GPA of 2.0. If you fall below a GPA of 2.0, you will be placed on Academic Probation for at least one semester.

You also have the option to take a course for Credit/No Credit. If you choose this option, you will not receive a letter grade at the end of the course, simply credit or no credit. You must earn the equivalent of a 2.0 in order to receive credit. Remember, you need to declare whether you what to take a course on a Credit/No Credit basis at the beginning of the semester.

Keep in mind that the classes for which you originally enrolled, and those which you add or drop, are listed on your transcript. The transcript shows the coursework you have attempted and completed. It is the snapshot of the work you have done at MiraCosta College.

Sometimes a student must drop-or withdraw--from a class for personal or academic reasons. You have the option to do so but only within certain dates. The dates will vary depending on the length of the course. For a semester length class (16 weeks) you must drop prior to the end of the 2nd week or the course will remain on your transcript.

You may still drop the course, but you will receive a "W" mark. The "W" is not a grade, nor will it be calculated into your GPA so it is a useful option in preserving your transcript. Additionally, your chance to withdraw from a class will end typically two to three weeks before the end of the semester. Once the date has passed, you will receive a letter grade.

For a refund to be received, you must drop a course within the first two weeks of a 16 week semester. After the second week, there will be a reduction in the amount of refund granted. The refund will vary according to the length of the course.

The option to withdraw from a class is useful only if it's not abused. A "W" will not affect you chances to transfer or receive financial aid. However, if you receive too many "Ws" you may be placed on Progress Probation. Progress Probation means that you are not moving forward towards your education goal.

Like Academic Probation, Progress Probation will restrict you from registering for classes the next semester.

Rights & Responsibilities
When you become a student at MiraCosta College, you have certain rights and responsibilities that help you reach your education goal. You have a right to be treated with dignity in an environment free of discrimination, harassment, or disruption.

If you have a verifiable disability, you have a right to receive academic accommodations. And all students have the right to a disciplinary procedure that ensures due process.

You also have certain responsibilities, which include obeying civil law, criminal law, and college policies. For example, cheating and plagiarism are never acceptable on a college campus, nor is forgery or the disruption of a class or office. Such violation can cause you to be placed on disciplinary probation, which may include verbal or written warnings, suspension, or expulsion.

If you feel your rights have been violated, or if you disagree with a disciplinary action, you may access MiraCosta College's due process by calling the Student Activities Office at either the Oceanside or San Elijo campus.

Associate of Arts Degreeis received upon completion of course work totaling not fewer than 60 units in the major, general education and electives.  In addition, students must complete a minimum of 12 units in residence at MiraCosta College with at least six in the major. Of the last 12 units completed prior to graduation, at least six must be completed at MiraCosta College.

Certificates of competence are designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment in specific career areas. The total units required for a certificate varies with each discipline; the minimum however, is 18 units of instruction. Certificates of Competence may be used to satisfy the requirements for a major for the Associate of Arts degree in the area of specialization. Students must complete a minimum of 12 units in residence at MiraCosta College with at least six in the major. Of the last 12 units completed toward satisfaction of the Certificate of Competence, at least six units must be completed at MiraCosta College.

Certificates of achievement are short term certificates, typically requiring fewer than 18 units of course work, in a specific career area. They can be viewed as stepping stones to the Certificates of Competence and introduce students to one aspect of a trade or occupation. In most cases, the courses completed for these certificates can also be applied toward Certificates of Competence and A.A. Degrees.

Books and Supplies
It is important to buy your books and supplies before your classes begin. The MiraCosta College Spartan Bookstore has extended hours during registration and the first part of the semester to accommodate the rush of students. The cost of books in a given semester ranges from about $50.00 to over $400.00, depending on the number of books required  Used books which students have returned are available for some classes and are less expensive. You need to make sure you have enough supplies like paper, scantrons, pencils, pens, folders and notebooks for your classes in order to keep everything organized, as well as something to carry it in, like a backpack or book bag. Comparison shop for your school supplies; a brand name doesn't necessarily mean it is a top of the line product. The MiraCosta College Spartan Bookstore has a large selection of school supplies, backpacks and book bags for your convenience. To avoid long lines, try to purchase your books early, or if you have access to a credit card, you can buy your books and supplies on-line, at