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Contents of Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal

Lecture Notes

Another method for improving the student's G.P.A. is academic renewal. The following regulations permit students who earned bad grades to change their transcripts. Such students may petition the Admissions and Records Office for exclusion of prior substandard course work under the following conditions: The petition arises out of a consultation between the student and a counselor. A maximum of 15 units may be removed from calculations of the cumulative G.P.A. The units proposed for exclusion were taken at MiraCosta College. All proposed excluded course work was completed at least two years prior to the petition. The student completed a minimum of 15 units with a G.P.A. of 2.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale), with at least nine (9) of the fifteen units taken at MiraCosta College, subsequent to the completion of the units being petitioned for exclusion. The excluded units remain on the record annotated as excluded for satisfaction of requirements for a degree or certificate and for computation at MiraCosta College only. The student petitions for exclusion of units under these regulations only one time. No excluded units can be reinstated. Any units excluded by other institutions will be recognized as excluded by MiraCosta College and will be included in the maximum 15 unit allowance. Appeals to any portion of these regulations will be referred to the Committee on Exceptions.