Probation Workshop

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Reasons Students End up on Probation

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Lecture Notes

The next three slides will outline various reasons students end up on Probation. One reason that students end up on probation is that they quit attending class and do not officially withdraw. Instructors are required to give a grade if the student is still on their roster. If you stop attending and don't do any course work, the Instructor will still use his/her grading system for the entire course to calculate YOUR grade. You will probably receive an F. Reason #2: The student is not willing to make the commitment to study. Generally, students should plan on studying 2 hours per week for each unit they are taking. For example, if a student is taking 4 units she should plan to study 8 hours per week. Reason #3: The student worked full time and took more classes than he could handle. If a student is working more than 15 hours per week he should not take more than 12 units. The more hours worked the fewer units should be taken.