Honors Courses

Spring 2016 Course Offerings

See this schedule for specific days, times, and instructors for these courses.

Oceanside Campus

San Elijo Campus


Honors courses fulfill these requirements for General Education:

IGETC Area 1B/CSU Area A3

IGETC Area 2/CSU Area B4

IGETC Area 3A/CSU Area C1

IGETC Area 3B/CSU Area C2

IGETC Area 4/CSU Area D

IGETC Area 5A/CSU Area B1

IGETC Area 5B/CSU Area B2

CSU U.S. History Constitution & American Ideals Requirement-Group 1: HIST 110H and HIST 111H (Fall 2011)

BUS 140H: CSU Major Preparation/elective credit;UC credit pending

BUS 290H