Honors Faculty

The faculty of the Honors Scholar Program bring extraordinary dedication, scholarship, and interest in helping students achieve their academic goals.  These professors enjoy teaching, value learning, cultivate creativity, invite collaboration, and more importantly, share a conviction to helping their students become talented scholars.

Faculty who teach Honors courses are recommended by their department chairs and the Honors Coordinator to the Dean of Letters & Communication Studies, who is the administrator responsible for teaching assignments in the Honors Scholar Program.

Faculty Resources

Note: For general contract and administrative questions, please contact Alex (arescobar@miracosta.edu). For all other course and curriculum related questions, email Chris Sleeper (csleeper@miracosta.edu).


Honors Contracts provide an opportunity for faculty to work one-on-one or in small groups with motivated students on special projects or topics determined in a supplemental Honors version of the course syllabus, or in an Honors syllabus addendum. The Honors Contract workflow is as follows:

To learn more about teaching Honors Contracts at MiraCosta:
1) MiraCosta Honors Contract Introduction, Benefits & Student Panel https://youtu.be/AgCfk8oQYQA
2) Part Two: Honors Contract Mechanics: https//youtu.be/X5BBa17nZN0
3) Part Three: Honors Contract Recruitment: https://youtu.be/EmqndJByPA
4) Part Four: Design of the Honors Contract: https://youtu.be/cN647pkiaG0
5) Part Five: Creating Honors Contract Assignments: https://youtu.be/tkDmSKRILHE

Honors Contract Deadlines for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

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