Honors Navigator Program

The Honors leadership is committed to supporting a vibrant and diverse group of academically motivated students in the Honors Scholar Program. To serve that end, a group of high performing Honors students who are committed and passionate about the Honors program are chosen each year to work as a team of Honors Navigators.

Honors Navigators provide the student perspective on the Honors experience, and often meet with prospective and current students, parents, administrators, and faculty. The Navigator team represents the Honors Scholar Program at orientations, college presentations, panel discussions, receptions, social activities, and other outreach events. 

Additionally, these talented students mentor new Honors students in the expectations, rigors, and opportunities within the Honors Scholar Program. Often Navigators can be found in the Honors Lounges, as a contact for the Honors program and as a resource for all it has to offer.

Honors Scholar Program (HSP) Navigator Mission Statement / Statement of Purpose:

The mission of the HSP Navigator Program is to build a supportive, welcoming and challenging community of academically motivated Honors students.  The Navigators are the public representatives of the HSP and are a select group of skilled, knowledgeable and motivated honors students who are passionate about the MiraCosta Honors Scholar Program.  Navigators will share the benefits of the MiraCosta Honors Scholar Program with prospective and current students, administration and staff.  As proud Honors students, we will strive to strengthen the program’s relationships among faculty, staff, students, and the HSP community.

Navigator Application and Job Descriptions

2013-2014 Navigators

Loren Vevaina

Hey everybody! My name is Loren Vevaina. I am so excited to be an Honors Navigator this year! This is my second semester at MiraCosta and there is no better place than the Honors Program to make a smooth transition to a four-year university. I am hoping to transfer to either UCLA or UC Berkeley in Fall 2014. I joined the Honors Program to be surrounded by like-minded students, who encourage each other to reach our academic goals. The Honors program offers many great opportunities. My small classes have enabled me to build strong relationships with my peers and professors. As an honors student I participated in transfer days. After visiting the UCLA campus and exploring the opportunities it has to offer, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. In addition, the social events offered have helped me get to know my peers in a fun environment. Outside of school, I enjoy going on hikes, playing guitar, running, traveling, and interning at the YMCA for the Youth and Government program. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, after all that’s what I’m here for. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and making this the best year yet!

Abe bio Pic 3Abraham Ibanez

Hi everyone! My name is Abraham Ibanez, but most people know me as Abe. I was born in Mexico City, and I lived in San Diego for seven years when I was younger. I have moved back and forth between the US and Mexico a couple of times. I’ve been at MiraCosta since Spring 2012 and this will be my second semester in the Honors Scholar Program. The program has allowed me to take my education to a whole new level, and truly connect with my peers. My favorite subject in school has always been mathematics, but the program has taught me to enjoy all the other subjects. I am planning to transfer to Arizona State University and major in Economics. During my free time I really enjoy cycling and playing video games. I’ve been cycling for a bit over a year, and I have been slowly transitioning into triathlons. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any question you may have. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. I’m really looking forward to great year in the program.

Jillian Pic2Jillian Walsh

Hey everyone! My name is Jillian Walsh and I am in my fifth semester here at MiraCosta, as well as my fifth semester as a member of the Honors Program.  I am a chemistry major and it is my goal to become a clinical laboratory scientist.  I love just about everything math or science related, so if you have any questions about any science or math classes, I can help you out! I joined the honors program my first semester at MiraCosta and I could not have made a better decision.  By going on educational transfer trips and participating in various fun honors events, I have made great friends and am a part of a supportive and incredible community.  If I’m not studying or hanging out with friends, you will most likely find me at the beach reading, tanning or playing volleyball.  I can’t wait to meet all of you this next semester so we can make this the most exciting, educational and fantastic year!

Erica Settlecowski

Hey everyone! My name is Erica Settlecowski, and this is my third semester at MiraCosta and with the Honors program! Before attending MiraCosta, I went to UC Santa Barbara for a year but eventually decided it was not the best fit for educational goals or myself. Although I had a lot of fun and absolutely fell in love with the town, I have been so grateful for my time at MiraCosta, and specifically in the Honors program for it has allowed me to explore more of my passions and hone in on my career goals. I’m currently a Business Economics major and I’m in the process of applying to schools to transfer Fall 14’. The Honors program has given me so many great opportunities and I’m so grateful for all of the amazing people and faculty that I have met. It feels great knowing that I’m in a supportive community that does whatever it can to foster success in every individual. In my free time, I like to run, snowboard, and cook! I also have a secret obsession with game shows like the Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! Anyways, I’m so excited for all of the fun events we have planned and can’t wait to see everyone!

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