Program Information

The Honors Scholar Program (HSP) at MiraCosta College is designed to develop exceptional academic ability in highly motivated students.  Honors classes stimulate intellectual capability, encourage independent and critical thinking, and promote an enriched interaction between students and faculty.  In addition to their coursework, HSP students have an opportunity to participate in social activities and cultural events within a close community of friendship, support, and civic engagement.

As a member of the Honors Transfer Council of California, the MiraCosta College Honors Scholar Program joins a consortium of more than 50 California community colleges that strive to negotiate special transfer agreements, linking community college honors programs to specific universities and colleges -- large and small, public and private.


HSP students who successfully complete the program receive priority transfer consideration to UCLA College of Letters and Science (excluding Communication Studies) through UCLA TAP (Transfer Alliance Program). Only community colleges that maintain the highest standards in honors programs earn this consideration at UCLA. MiraCosta College is the only community college in North San Diego County to have a Transfer Alliance Program with UCLA.

Successful HSP students often earn enhanced transfer, research, and scholarship opportunities at major colleges and universities including UCLA, UC Irvine, Cal Poly Pomona, Chapman University, Cal State Fullerton, Mills College, Loyola Marymount University and Pitzer College. 

HSP students receive priority enrollment into Honors classes at MiraCosta College.

HSP students have extraordinary presentation and publishing opportunities at annual Honors research conferences in northern and southern California.

HSP students are offered opportunities to visit universities such as UCLA, UCSD, UC Irvine, and UC Riverside.

Trips to museums and other cultural venues are also made available to HSP students each semester in order to extend learning beyond the classroom.

HSP students have borrowing privileges at UCLA and UC Irvine libraries.

Honors Coordinator

The Honors Coordinator is a member of the faculty who provides leadership for the Honors Scholar Program in conjunction with the Office of Instruction.  The Honors Coordinator is responsible for managing HSP policies and procedures, approving applications, recommending course scheduling, coordinating special activities, directing the Honors Navigators, chairing the Honors Advisory Committee, promoting the program, and participating in the Honors Transfer Council of California.

Christopher Sleeper is the Honors Coordinator. His office is located on the Oceanside campus in the 3100 building.

Honors Faculty

The faculty of the Honors Scholar Program bring extraordinary dedication, scholarship, and interest in helping students achieve their academic goals.  These professors enjoy teaching, value learning, cultivate creativity, invite collaboration, and more importantly, share a conviction to helping their students become talented scholars.

Faculty who teach Honors courses are recommended by their department chairs and the Honors Coordinator to the Dean of Letters & Communication Studies, who is the administrator responsible for teaching assignments in the Honors Scholar Program.

Honors Counselors

MiraCosta College has two designated counselors in the Transfer Center to assist HSP students with developing an Education Plan to guide them through their community college experience: Lise Flocken and Jed Schlueter.  They help students identify all the necessary coursework to facilitate transfer to universities or colleges with specific majors in mind.  It is highly recommended that HSP students meet with an Honors counselor at least once per year.

Honors Advisory Committee

The Honors Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty and administrators who gather together several times a year to continually review and refine the vision and implementation of the Honors Scholar Program at MiraCosta College.

Honors Courses

Honors courses are written by MiraCosta College faculty and approved by the Courses & Programs Committee to meet established criteria for the Honors designation. These courses fulfill requirements for MiraCosta College degrees, as well as IGETC and CSU general education requirements.

Honors Activities

Every semester exciting and unique activities are planned for Honors students to enrich their academic experience, extend their learning beyond the classroom, and increase their opportunities to attend special social and cultural events as a community.  Examples of Honors Activities include College Visits at universities, outings to museums, community service initiatives such as beach clean-ups, intramural competitions, and attendance at local concerts and performances.

Enrolling in Honors Courses

Any student may enroll in an Honors course; membership in the Honors Scholar Program is not required.  However, HSP students have first access to Honors courses.  HSP students in good standing (active status) may enroll in Honors courses during a special priority enrollment period for each semester.

If a student successfully completes an Honors course and later joins the Honors Scholar Program, that course will count toward meeting the requirements for HSP completion.

Honors Lounges

An Honors Lounge is located on both the Oceanside and San Elijo campuses. This special meeting place is designed to foster community, camaraderie, and esprit de corps. Students gather to study as often as they gather to socialize. Computer work stations, tables, and comfy chairs are available. Anyone who actively participates as a member of the Honors Scholar Program or as a student in Honors classes is welcome in the lounge.

Ariana Lewis, the Honors Secretary, can be found in the Honors Lounge on the Oceanside campus and on the San Elijo campus on most Wednesdays. You can find her schedule here.