Current Program Information

Spring 2015 in Salamanca, Spain - Applications available Aug 28

Study abroad can be an enlightening, maturing and life-changing experience. As students live in and learn to understand a different culture, they are challenged to re-examine themselves, their attitudes and their studies. Salamanca, due to its rich historic, artistic and cultural heritage, is considered one of Spain’s most important cities. The mark of civilizations, some of which pre-date the Romans, can be found throughout the city. Many important historical figures passed through Salamanca: the duke of Alba, Meléndez Valdés, Unamuno, Columbus, Cervantes, and the Conde-duque de Olivares. In the field of Art, all the styles have left their most worthy and exquisite mark on this city. The Spanish Plateresque style, of decorative quality and fine execution, offers its most beautiful examples in Salamanca. The University of Salamanca, founded in 1218, is one of the oldest and most renowned in Europe. Salamanca was awarded Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO and in 2002 the city was declared European Capital of Culture.

Classes will be offered in the following disciplines: English literature, Anthropology, Kinesiology, and Spanish language. Click HERE for a list of classes taught during Spring 2015 in Spain. The list includes the class titles, catalog numbers, and a link to the Citrus College catalog.