Minors On Campus

Each term MiraCosta College enrolls approximately 800 minors. Most often minor students will attend a community college for advanced scholastic or vocational work. For the most part these students blend into the campus community without notice and require very few accommodations. There are, however, a few issues that need to be considered when interacting with minors. These issues include: child abuse laws, enrollment regulations and procedures and curriculum standards.

The child abuse laws are the most significant concern related to minors on campus. The designation of faculty and staff as mandated reporters of suspected child abuse is a critical responsibility that all faculty and staff need to know and understand.

Enrollment procedures for minors are regulated by Education Codes. These codes guide the Board of Trustees of community colleges as well as school districts in defining which minor students would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work as well as other issues surrounding the admission of minors.

With regard to curriculum standards, minors and their parents are reminded during the enrollment process that community college classes are designed for adults. The student's status as a minor should not influence an instructor's curriculum standards or activities within the classroom.

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