Mass Notification Sign-Up

San Diego County has made the emergency "Reverse 911" mass-notification system available free-of-charge to other county agencies and school districts. This is used in the case of large scale emergencies such as wildfires or earthquakes. MiraCosta is leveraging this opportunity to prepare for just such an emergency.

This requires we maintain an up-to-date database of employee and student emergency contact numbers. This is a secure database that will only be used in a true emergency affecting one or more campus. Your information will only be used by MiraCosta for the purpose of emergency notification.

We ask that you designate an off-campus phone number to use as your campus emergency notification number as follows:

All Full-Time Employees and Students

Use the following link to designate an off-campus emergency phone number. The link will take you to the SURF sign-on page. Enter your SURF ID if you're a student or your user name if you're an employee to successfully sign in.