How to Apply

General Information

MiraCosta College scholarships are funded through the Foundation, and include endowed and annual scholarships supported by local service organizations, businesses, individuals, and scholarships awarded on a one-time basis.  Scholarship awards are based on students meeting the donors' specified criteria, which may include financial need, continuing at MiraCosta, academic achievement, volunteer service, enrolled in a specific major or club, etc.  Review MiraCosta Scholarships Available and Other Scholarships Available for a list of opportunities. Complete your Personal Statement so you will be prepared when applying for a scholarship; and if you need assistance, visit the Writing Center.

Frequently asked Questions

How many scholarships can I receive?
Students are encouraged to apply for as many MiraCosta College scholarships as well as other third-party scholarships that they are eligible for and are awarded.

Why do I need to write a Personal Statement?
The Personal Statement provides the Awards & Scholarships Committee with important information about you when comparing scholarship applicants for an award. MiraCosta students can visit the Writing Center for assistance.

Can I use the same Personal Statement for other scholarships?
Yes, but you may want to update your Personal Statement to match the questions asked and to reflect your current situation; such as, changes in your financial status, employment, new volunteer or club activities, etc.

Can I turn in my scholarship application early, before the deadline date?
Yes, the deadline date is the last day scholarship applications are accepted, and late applications cannot be processed. Students are encouraged to turn in applications early so they do not miss out on a scholarship opportunity.

I am still in high school, when can I apply for a MiraCosta scholarships?
High school seniors, graduating in the spring, planning to attend MiraCosta in the fall, with a cumulative 2.0 GPA or better, are eligible to complete the MiraCosta Annual Scholarship that opens in January with a March deadline. High School seniors must download a current, unofficial high school transcript into the application and complete an Application for Admission to MiraCosta.

How much money does a scholarship award?
MiraCosta College awards are $500, $1,000 and more depending on donor donations.

Is the scholarship award money only for school?
Scholarship checks are issued payable to students in the amount of the scholarship award and may be used for education and personal expenses.

Is the scholarship award check mailed to me?
Students claim their scholarship check from the MiraCosta College, Student Accounts/Cashier’s office, Bldg. 3202, located on the Oceanside campus. Students must present the Cashier with a picture ID, proof of enrollment in six or more units, and present a thank you letter in an envelope addressed to the donor.

Why do I need to write a thank you letter?
Donors appreciate receiving a thank you letter from scholarship recipients and especially like to know how this award will help with your education.  Donors do not select scholarship recipients and this is an opportunity for you to share your education and career goals and tell them what the scholarship means to you. Many donors have commented that it is the students' thank you letters that inspire them to continue to give money to MiraCosta College. If you need assistance in writing the letter, please visit the Writing Center or Scholarship office. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Visit or call the scholarship office (760) 795-6751, or e-mail