Stream Festival


Spring 2020 STREAM Festival

Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 1:00-4:00 PM

STREAM Festival is an annual event hosted by the Service Learning & Volunteer Center, although this is the fourth annual STREAM Festival, it originally started in 2005 as the Math and Science Fair. After ten years, we switched the name to The STREAM Festival because every great scientist must have a passion for Reading and Writing, and we included Arts because science is full of creativity and artistic talent. STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Reading, Englineering, Arts, and Math. We welcome all disciplines to participate, but ask that all projects be flavored with STEM.

The event is set-up like festival filled with 75-100 outdoor booths and labs with hands-on STEM focused projects. The festival promotes a passion for learning across the disciplines, with a STEM foundation. Last semester we had 100 booths, 45 courses represented, 10 community partners, 400 student and staff presenters, and 40 volunteers! A few of the courses and clubs that are represented each year are: Math, Architecture and Design, Biology, Anthropology, English, Chemistry, Horticulture, IT Club, Psychology, Oceanography, Nutrition, Music, GSA, BSU, Umoja, Equity, Photography, Arts, Sociology, Child Development, Medical Billing, Associated Student Government, ICC, Math Club, Outreach, and our very own Technical Career Institute.

MiraCosta invites the local preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and their families, after school programs and local non-profit organizations that serve this age group. This is a yearly free outreach event that promotes college and STEM. Last year 2,000 community kids/parents attended the STREAM Festival.

Volunteer for event

If you are a Community Organization and would like to host a STREAM booth, please complete a presenter registration form:

MiraCosta Campus Booth Presenters: students, club, or staff members, use the online form below to register as a STREAM presenter.

Deadline to register: Wednesday, March 20



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Name of Activity

The activity is best suited for what grade/age?

Brief description of Activity

What will the children do?  (If they are only observing, the plan will NOT be approved.)

What do you want the children to learn from their participation?

Are you prepared to explain scientific concepts, literary theme, culture, or techniques using age-appropriate language?

Select items if necessary for your activity

If you are presenting indoors with your whole class, inside of a lab please include the room #, if you are not sure please check with your instructor before submitting this project proposal:

If a room number is not included an outdoor space with a table and two chairs will be assigned.

The Service Learning Program will provide the tables, chairs, T-shirt for each presenter, and a snack pack. You are welcome to bring a tent for shade. To help us care for our environment we ask that you please bring a bottle of water. If you have questions or need assistance with your projects, please contact the Service Learning Center at (760) 795-6616.

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