ABOUT Student Clubs

All MiraCosta College students are members of the Associated Student Government, which supports the projects and programs of many clubs catering to students with interests ranging from Business to Community Service. You can join — or lead — any of these organizations. Clubs meet the social and intellectual interests of students at MiraCosta College.

2014-2015 Recognized Clubs

Accounting & Business Club Mayumi Otsuki Eric Carstensen Gabriela Bryant
The Accounting/Business Club provides members and students of interest, who are interested in either Accounting or/and Business occupations with information related to both Accounting or/ and Business through various and useful activities with students, faculty and administration at MiraCosta College.
Allied Health Occupations Michael Buxton John Thomford Himgauri Kulkarni
The goal of the Allied Health Club at MiraCosta College is to provide students, who are interested in occupations in the Allied Health field, with information relating to opportunities for education and employment. The club also sponsors seminars to help members interact and network with health care personnel from the San Diego area.
Art Club Dara Cook Yoshimi Hayashi  
Art Club is a club for art enthusiasts! We are artists, fans, and supporters of all things art. We promote student artists by hosting art shows and various workshops on how to become professional working visual artists during and after college.
Asian/Pacific Student Union Ala Tiatia Thao Ha  
The Asian/Pacific Islander Student Union is dedicated to growing and strengthening the Asian Pacific Isalnder community at MiraCosta College.
Backstage Players Steven Garretson Andrew Layton  
The Backstage Players (BSP) is a theatre and film club of MiraCosta. Our members are students, former students, and friends of MiraCosta Theatre and Film. Our mission is threefold: 1. To promote ensemble as we grow, learn, and explore theatre together; 2 - To share our knowledge, talents, and love for theatre with the campus and larger community; 3 - To support the MiraCosta Theatre and Film program by raising funds to assist students as they extend their study of theatre and film.
Ballet Folklorico Jazmin Arteaga Marisol Renovato Yesenia Balcazar
The purpose of Ballet Folklorico is to learn about Mexico through its music and folkloric dance performance. We aim to create social awareness that educates people about Mexico’s history, art, and culture. At the same time, the club will promote higher education and provide community service.
Black Student Union Nick Sabree Bruce Hoskins  
The purpose of the Black Student Union is to promote cultural unity with the student population and the community at large. The Black Student Union strives towards educational excellence, diversity, and creating a positive learning experience.
Chemistry Club Joseph Madril Theresa Bolanos  

The Chemistry Club serves as a venue to foster community building centered around the field of chemistry and to communicate interests in that field while exploring different career opportunities.

Chinese Club Zezhong Wang Aubrey K. Roderick Yi Cheng Hu

The purpose of the Chinese Club is to provide opportunities for association and interaction of students with interest in Chinese language and culture, and to promote student interest of Chinese language and culture at MiraCosta College.

Club Biomed Ricardo Acosta Suzie Bailey  
The purpose of this organization is to provide all students who are interested in the various fields of biomedical research an opportunity to explore the potential for careers in the various disciplines within the field.
CodeTech Computer Club Kyle SanClemente Nery Chapetonlamas June Porto
The CodeTech Computer Club encourages CompSci students to get together and work on projects as well as listen to industry speakers discuss information about the field.
Dance Club Brent McDannald Dave Massey  
The Dance club consists of a group of students who are dedicated and willing to work toward an overall goal to travel as a team gaining knowledge and experience as dancers.
Design Club Jeff Hosford David Parker  R. Chris Boehm
The Design Club (formerly Engineering, Architecture, and Design) allows for students from all related disciplines to grow and learn in a small community setting. Our goas and projects aim to equip students with the experience and oversight of the engineering, architecture, or design field with hands-on interaction, builds, tech-tallies, and guidance from faculty. The Design Club invites ambitious and creative innovators to join.
Encuentros Club Ruben Cuevas David R. McField Adrean Askerneese
The purpose of Encuentros Leadership Club of MCC is to promote education as the tool to empower its members and community. We engage in community building activities through volunteerism, mentorship, and fundraising. We are affiliated with the Encuentros leadership non-profit organization to encourage and educate youth.
Filosofia M.C.C. Red Shepherd Garrett Miller  
Filosofia M.C.C. is a philosophy club focusing on the works of classic and contemporary thinkers and the study of fundamental natures of knowledge, reality, and existence.
First Year Experience (FYE) Jessica Sanchez Jose Mota  
The First Year Experience (FYE) Club was established as a student-based support network for all prospective new and re-entry college students. The club gives its members the opportunity to come together through campus networking, community involvement, friendship, and social activities.
French Club Jonathan Nuno Thierry Olivier  
The purpose of the French Club is to practice the language, learn the culture, enjoy French food, learn about the different regions in France, and view French cinema.
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Chelsea Chavira & Brayan Astorga Steven Deineh Dara Perales
The objective of the Gay Straight Alliance of MiraCosta College is to create a safe space on campus that supports members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer community and their straight allies.
Horticulture Club Linda Carlson Claire Ehrlinger Megan Allison
The MiraCosta College Students Horticulture Club promotes horticulture interests and fellowship among the members by organizing various events. The club strives to provide educational, professional, and social opportunities through meetings.
International Club Vinh Pham Aubrey Kuan Roderick  
International Club of MCC is a club for people who have an interest in sharing their own cultures and learning about other cultures. Our club offers all kinds of activities such as International Fashion Show, International Halloween Musical Festival and other school activities.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) John Wright Stacy Ingham Tyler Allred
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is a student led movement on campus. Their purpose is for people to experience who God is through the bible, community, and by feeling safe to ask questions and get a better understanding. Everyone is welcome no matter their age, religion, sex, or beliefs.
Intramural Sports Club Chris Santos Pat Conahan  
The Intramurals Club promotes participation in the intramural sports program offered through MiraCosta. We encourage our members to join events such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, hiking, flag football, and more.
Italian Club Summer Lane Andrea Petri  
Welcome to the Italian Club of MiraCosta College. We offer a unique way to get engaged with the family like Italian culture right here at MiraCosta. Our desire is to unite students together under one club and expand our overall potential for educational success.
Japanese Club Braxton Dunn Michele Scott James  
The purpose ofthe Japanese club is to gather American, Japanese, and other Foreign students together and learn about Japanese Culture. Every month we have a cultural food day where we make various Japanese dishes. We also have movie days, karaoke days, and culture nights.
Jordan Club Curtis McMaster Stacy Ingham  
The Jordan is a young adults ministry that meets to share the good news of the Gospel. The Jordan provides a safe place for students to take and learn about spiritual topics.
Latina Leadership Network (LLN) Anai Juarez Christina McKinney  
The Latina Leadership Network is a mutual support and advocacy organization committed to providing effective opportunities to develop innovative approaches to increase the participation of Latinas in leadership roles and to promote and maintain “la cultura latina."
Leadership Development Association Charity Singleton Nina Lovejoy  
The Leadership Development Association provides opportunities for association members to develop and build on exisiting leadership skills. LDA will work in conjunction with the counseling centers, First Year Experience and Peer Mentor progams to lead, teach and coach fellow students by providing workshops and internships.
Math Club Jeong Jai Lee Zika Perovic Mark Laurel
The Math Club provides a place for people passionate about math to practice for competitions, learn more about topics not covered in school, and to seek help from other like-minded people.
Massage Club Elizabeth Kaplauck Robert Fulbright Deirdre Kitchen

The purpose of the Massage Club is to provide opportunities for association and interaction with the students, faculty and adminsitration at MiraCosta College.

Martial Arts Club Karla Trujillo Robert Fulbright  
The purpose of this organization is to provide members the opportunity to train in taekwondo and other forms of martial arts, and to learn fellow practitioners.
Medical Administrative Professionals (MAP) Melodee Rincon Kathy Striebel Jo Moore
Students enrolled in the MAP program want a forum to meet and discuss networking, explore internship sites, invite guest speakers, conduct workshops for certification exams and other relevant topics. The program is half online half on ground and a club will give the students a "home" classroom.
Medical Science Club Michael Buxton Theresa Bolanos  
The Medical Science Club is designed to help individuals seeking a career in medical science by hearing from speakers, and providing information about programs and assisting with finding first hand experience in the field.
MEChA Evelyn Moreno Edward Pohlert  
M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) is a Chicana/o organization which was founded at a conference held in Santa Barbara, California in 1968. M.E.Ch.A's primary responsibility is to the Chicana/o community.
Mindfulness Club Chris Quach Kelley McClary  
NAMI on Campus MiraCosta Alicia Cacho Judy Foster Anjeanette Oberg
NAMI on Campus MiraCosta is a student-led campus club that helps to address the mental health needs of students and raise awareness among campus communities by providing peer support, education and advocacy. We strive to assist students with their physical, mental and emotional needs.
Natural Science Club David Beltran Chris Harrell  
The Natural Science Club provides educational and enjoyable opportunities outside the classroom for students to explore biology, botany, ecology, geology, astronomy, oceanography, archaeology, and related fields through museum visits, hiking and camping in the wilderness, field trips, and other nature study events.
Nursing Student's Association of MCC Kristina Killingsworth Roland Estrella Denise Omitt
The purpose of this club is to promote comaradery and unity amongst nursing students as well as bring evidence based practice and updated information to nursing students at MiraCosta
Outdoors Club Kaylee Mullaly Luke Lambert  
The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for MiraCosta students and staff to build community while enjoying outdoor activities.
Parents On Campus (POC) Martha Rivera Candy Owens  
Parents on Campus (POC) club serves as a support group for students that are parents.
Performance Writers Club (PWC) Marcellius Caviness Bruce Hoskins  
The purpose of the Performance Writers Club is to provide people with opportunities to explore their writing and be comfortable performing in front of others.
Pre-Optometry Club Sheila Vajdi Jenna Castle  
The pre-optometry club is a pre-health organization for those interested in pursuing a career in the field of optometry.
Puente Diversity Network Laura Perez Luke Lara Maria Figueroa-Chacon
A diverse club for all students promoting higher education. The purpose is for all club members feel like they are part of the Puente familia. This club also takes part in giving back to the community through volunteering.
Soccer Club Raul Gonzalez Francisco Alvarez Paulino Mendoza
The Soccer Club provides a fun environment to play soccer with fellow students and friends at MiraCosta.
Spartans for Animals Brayan Astorga Dara Perales Candy Owens
The Spartan Athletic Club builds community between the MiraCosta College Athletics department, athletes and students. The club promotes Intramural Sports participation, general health and fundraising activities to develop and expand the athletics department.
Spanish Club Cindy Oropeza Francisco Alvarez John Kirwan
The Spanish Club focuses on expanding the practice and knowledge of the Spanish language by hosting weekly meetings in Spanish and playing language related games. The Spanish Club also raises awareness on the importance of continuing hispanic traditions.
Starcraft League JunHee Kim Kent McCorkle  
The Starcraft League provides students who are interested in the field of Electronic Sports with information regarding its professionalism and its culture. The club also sponsors leagues and tournaments.
Veterans Club Hector Rodriguez Nancy Diaz  
To provide a social group to help Veterans adjust to and become successful in civilian and college life; to promote college spirit and to establish and maintain fellowship amongst veterans and students on this campus.
Yoga Club Sasha Vafaei Robert Fulbright Stacy McCarthy
This club is for students to focus on yoga, meditation, health & wellness, fitness, mind-body, and stress management.


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