The Inter-Club Council

All club members have a voice through the Inter-Club Council (ICC), to which each club sends a representative.  ICC develops effective, organized, and fair policies so all clubs will thrive.  ICC also sponsors a "Club Recruitment Day" each semester, which gives interested students an opportunity to learn about the various clubs on campus and allows clubs to increase their membership.

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Important Dates

Club Quotables

What is the biggest benefit you gained by joining your club/organization?

 "Friends. Everyone on the team is accepting, I met alot of people who were in the same class and major which helps me academically."                                                                                                                                                           -Liam O'Sheay, President of Rugby Club

 "Hands on experience with service in the community and on campus."                                                                           -Carolyn Goodspeed, President of the UMOJA Community Club

 What made you join your club/organization?                                                                   

 "I walked by a booth and it peaked my interest. I became the only girl in rugby for almost a year."                                     -Lisa Porter, Vice President of Rugby Club

"It was a group of black people on campus that I connected with and learn my culture and history while focusing on academic success.                                                                                                                                                       -Amara Stinson, Member of UMOJA Community Club