coco brown - president

Picture of Coco Brown

Academic Major - Kinesiology, Health Science & Holistic Health Practitioner

Career Goals - Are to finish my terms at MiraCosta College receiving my associate of arts/associate of science degrees, transfer to San Diego State University. Start my own business in Kinesiology, Health Science and Holistic Health Practitioner. I currently acquire a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certificate in Kinesiology from MiraCosta College for California. I am presently working towards the national exam to become a Certified Personal Trainer (nationally) and Holistic Health Massage Practitioner throughout the United States. While at San Diego State University, I will join the Officers Program for the armed services; join the Navy while attending school to receive my masters and doctorate degrees.

1. What do you hope to accomplish for the students of MiraCosta College?

My endeavors are work my abilities to form, with the help of all MiraCosta College students, faculty, staff and associates, a healthy lifestyle. Not, just physically to have a better health, but, social and mentally. I want to provide the needed tools for networking, marketing, communicating,  and to know what is offered at MiraCosta College. To challenge one's self and others, to provide the strength to push forward in life, personally, academically and career wise. Students need to know of the opportunities that are available. More so, what I will accomplish is to be the voice for students and help students capture their voices, and be more aware and educated of their governance, and how their knowledge will help them, their families and communities.

2. What high school, college, or community volunteer positions have you held?

I have helped in volunteering positions for my communities, schools and college. Throughout middle school I was a librarian assistant. I also was an after school tutor for K-5 and continued to do so throughout high school. While in high school, I too was a part of the Planning Committee in high school in which we planned events, fund-raisers and dances. I held positions as the Marketing and Promotional Coordinator and Director for several school dances. I transferred those leadership skills along with others into college and held positions within the clubs such as Secretary, Promotional Director and Treasurer to name a few. I've volunteered with the city of Carlsbad Park and Recreation in which was one of my biggest leadership and volunteer roles. Wherein, I helped construct Christmas at the Ranch and Halloween for Kids closely with the Parks and Recreation Special Events coordinator.

3. What qualities to do you possess that will make you a good leader?

The willingness to not be so sure of something but, willing to take the ride and learn along the way. The ability to teach what I have learned and pass it down to other leaders - for they then pass it down to the next leaders - that is what makes me a good leader. The encouraging process and acknowledgement to be a follower and let someone else lead, be patient, open-minded, listening and willing to learn - that is what makes me a great leader. Working promptly on my communication with others so people understand my expectations of them and myself. What also makes me a strong leader is that I prefer to address problems head on so there are no ongoing issues or concerns that are not being addressed. I perform unity even at the hardest of uncertain times, while accomplishing goals and planning for future success.

I am a firm believer in teamwork and working together to make progress whether an individual, community, school or myself. Taking the initiative to partake in leadership opportunities also makes me a good leader and helps to build leadership within leaders. I too am very passionate about what I set my mind to, and knowing that it's not just for my purpose but also for the purpose of the students. I always think about how I can better help the students of MiraCosta College.

4. Do you have prior student leadership experience? If so, please explain.

Within the time that I have attended MiraCosta College, I have placed myself in many leadership roles, and by "roles" I mean that being a follower too is being a leader. Letting someone else grow and improve his or her leadership is what is takes to be a leader. I have partaken in and I am still a part of the Associated Student Government (ASG) where I hold the position as the Inter-Club Council Chair for a second term. I oversaw the entirety of clubs throughout the MiraCosta College institution; I too was a Senator and held a seat on the volunteer Committee and the Parking and Appeals Committee. Each semester I attend leadership workshops and also partake in the General Assembly (GA) and the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) that directs all community colleges to meet and go over propositions and be the voices for their students at their college.

Within clubs I held positions as a Secretary, Promotional Director, and Treasurer to name a few. Being a part of the United Black Student / United Brother Sister Conference (U.B.S.C.) as one of the leading members to construct the conference was a humbling experience in which I partake in yearly. I've presented a workshop at the U.B.S.C. entitled "Leadership," and the outcome was truly amazing and educational.

I am an alumni to the Summer Bridge Program, Emerging Leaders Institute and the Passport Program that helped facilitate and mold my student leadership and personal leadership roles. Annually Encuentros hosts their yearly Encuentros Conference and for awhile I have used my leadership roles and volunteered for the conference.

I've worked within different departments such as the Institute for International Perspectives (IIP), the Chariot, Student Activities Office (SAO), and where I currently reside in the Public Information Office (PIO). I to have worked right along side and very closely with Foundation Development Office; Cynthia Rice in accordance with Presidents Circle (Report to the Region) and the Athletics Department. I've also had the utmost humbling experience to be one of the presenters for All College Day to represent and give an overview of the Associated Student Government (ASG) and the Inter-Club Council (ICC) to 300 plus attendees.