Law, Policies & Procedures, & ASG Constitution

Elections are governed by the California Education Code, MiraCosta Community College District Board Policies and Administrative Procedures, and the Associated Student Government Constitution & Bylaws.

2017 Campaign Posting Locations

For a map of the posting locations click HERE.

District Administrative Procedure 3900: Speech—Time, Place, and Manner states, “Students who engage in election activities affiliated with the Associated Student Government shall refer to The Constitution of the Associated Students of MiraCosta College for guidance on permissive campaigning activities.”  In addition to the campaigning requirements outlined in Article VI.F, the following locations are authorized by the Vice President of Student Services for posting campaign banners and signs:





Student Center Outdoor Walls

Student Center Outdoor Walls

Internal Walls of Building

Library Outdoor Walls

Library Outdoor Walls

3200 Bldg. Outdoor Walls

Outdoor Kiosks

3500 Bldg. Outdoor Walls

3600 Bldg. Outdoor Walls

Outdoor Kiosks

Please note the following:

Distribution of Literature

The distribution of campaign literature is permitted throughout each of the three campus sites if it is, “… unlikely to significantly interfere with and/or disrupt college operations …” (AP3900, p.1).  The Vice President of Student Services has interpreted this to mean outdoor external spaces only, with the exception of the Community Learning Center.  Please know that you can certainly represent your candidacy to specific groups and organizations that may convene within a District building, at which time you can provide campaign materials; however distribution of literature to the general campus population within a District building is prohibited.

Please call Jim Gonzales at (760) 795-6899 if you have any questions.