VMware Installation Tutorial

The purpose of installing the VMware Client on your computer (Windows or Apple) is to access some of the programs such as SPSS Statistical Software, MS Office Applications. etc located on the MiraCosta's VMware Portal. You may access these programs for free from a personal computer that has stable internet access.

Note: Not all students have access to MiraCosta's VMware Portal; please consult with your instructor for access.

How to Install VMware on a Windows and/or Apple computer (Instructions)

VMware Software Download Disclaimer:

The VMware software is licensed free of charge; there is no warranty for the program and no guarantee that it will work on your personal computer. The software has been tested, but as with any complex software, there could be undetected errors. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of this program lies with you. Should the program damage your computer, you assume responsibility for any necessary servicing, repair or correction.