Update Cell Phone # to Receive Text Msgs from BB


  1. Please go to the SURF website to update/add your cell phone number.
  2. At the SURF home webpage, click the LOG IN TO SURF button. At the next screen in the MiraCosta College Single Sign-On prompt enter your SURF ID and your Password, then click the Sign On button.
  3. At the menu bar click Main Menu > Self Service > Personal Information > phone numbers.
  4. Select the Phone Type as Cellular.
  5. Update your cell phone number by deleting the old number and retyping your new number, and ensure the Preferred check box is checked.
  6. Click the SAVE button to save your changes.
  7. At the Personal Information section, the following two items are not updatable online: Names and Addresses; per the stated instructions, contact the Admissions and Records (admissions@miracosta.edu, 760 795-6620) office for a Change of Information form.

Update Cell Phone Number