Search Online Class Schedule and Course Catalog using the Guess Access


  1. At the SURF Login website, click the Class Schedule and Course Catalog link.
  2. In the Search for Classes section, select your desire Term.
  3. In the Class Search Criteria section, select the Course Subject e.g. English
  4. Enter the Catalog Number e.g. 100 for English 100.
  5. And select the Course Career type e.g. Credit to search for credit courses only
  6. Note: You must select at least 2 search criteria to conduct a search.
  7. Click the Search button
  8. A list of the requested classes will appear with related information, click on the Class Nbr link to view more class details.
  9. Click on View Search Results button to return to the search list.
  10. Click on the Start a New Search button to search other classes.