Transfer Center

Online Transfer Center Drop-Ins

Online Drop-in meetings are 15 minutes or less and designed for quick questions only. Example of quick questions:

* Comprehensive Student Education plans will not be designed or revised during an online drop-in meeting.

During Online Drop-in students will be able to Enter Drop-In Lobby  to  meet with a counselor. . Online Drop-ins are offered on a first- come, first served basis. When the number of students in the lobby reaches full capacity , the lobby maybe be locked by the Counseling Faculty member and there is no guarantee of being seen.

Online Transfer Center Drop-In

Schedule an Online Transfer Counseling Appointment

Online Counseling appointments are either 15 min or 45 minutes in length. These appointments provide the same services as our on-campus, in-person counseling appointments. In order to complete a comprehensive student education plan (45 minute appointment only) the following must be met:

Schedule an Online Transfer Counseling Appointment