Where Do I Begin?

Welcome and congratulations for exploring one of the most dynamic transfer institutions in the country.  Please start your information search by choosing the category below that best fits you.

I have never been to college, and want to transfer to a 4 year college or university

If you have decided to attend MiraCosta College, the sooner you apply, the easier it is for you to get the specific classes you need to transfer.

a. Apply for admission

c. When matriculation is completed, call for an appointment with a transfer counselor at 760-795-6880.

d. Attend an Introduction to Transfer Session (check for posted dates/times under events & news) Sessions are seasonal.

If you are from another country and want to study at MiraCosta College, you need to complete the admission process for international students

Students that are interested in transferring to a university traditionally fall into one of two categories.

1) I have an idea of where I want to transfer and/or I have an idea of what I want to study.

Not all universities and colleges have all the majors.  You need to check with the specific university or college to make sure they offer the major you want. 

Please work with a counselor in the Counseling Department or the Transfer Center to make sure you understand the transfer requirements and create your educational plan.  If you are a DSPS or EOPS student, the counselors in these specialized offices can meet your needs.

2) I know I want to transfer, but I have no idea of what to study or where I want to go.

Not Sure of A Major? Not Sure of A College? Not Sure of A Career Choice? Begin the process here!

Take advantage of some of the following resources:

Coun 100 - Career and Life Planning (3 units - UC and CSU transferable)
This course is designed to inform and assist students in making appropriate and satisfying career choices. Using self-evaluation instruments, students identify interests, abilities, values, and goals.  Topics include the labor market, job search strategies, self exploration, and integrating a career into a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

General Education + major requirements + electives = transfer or AA degree

The general education classes are designed to help you explore a variety of areas of study before narrowing down your specialty and major requirement classes.

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC/ Plan C) has 5 areas of study that focus on English, math, science, social science, arts and humanities.

Career Tip: Use the general breadth requirements of IGETC to explore different subjects that could be potential majors or careers.

Class Tip: While making your career planning decisions, start taking English and math immediately. Most colleges would like to see you have math and English done at the time you fill out your application. From here also choose others areas of interest such as arts, social sciences or humanities classes. 

While you are going through your transfer and career planning process, keep doing your own research. The more you explore and read about different career and major options, the better off you will be! 

Check out these cool resources!

I have been to college elsewhere and I want to transfer.

Since you have been to college elsewhere, and want to transfer to another college or university, you need to have your transcripts reviewed by a counselor to determine the following:

These are critical questions that need answers and these answers take considerable time and require a counseling appointment. Please call (760) 795-6880 to schedule an appointment.

I am currently attending MiraCosta College and I want to transfer.

If you are currently a MiraCosta College student and would like to have an educational plan created by a transfer counselor, please contact the Transfer Center at (760) 795-6880 for an appointment.

I might attend MiraCosta College, so I want to know how the Transfer process would work for me.

Transferring from MiraCosta College to a 4 year university or college requires a variety of steps, and those steps vary depending on the institution that a student wants to transfer to. At MiraCosta College, our goal is to transfer a student as a junior, unless a different goal is stated by the student.

To transfer as a junior, a student must complete the following steps:

Completing the above requirements can make a student eligible, but the true goal is for the student to become admissible. Taking coursework in a specific sequence, taking math and English immediately, completing major coursework, and earning good grades are all key components in making a student admissible.

In addition, the college or university must be willing to admit transfer students. Our website provides information on transfer admission based on where a majority of our students transfer. MiraCosta College students transfer all over the United States, so lack of information on the website does not mean you cannot transfer to another institution. Conducting personal research for an appropriate institution and strategizing with a counselor can open up many different options.