Academic Success Coaching Program

What is the Academic Success Coaching Program

As the newest program on campus, our mission is to offer a supportive environment that helps students, particularly first-generation college students, learn about how the "academic culture" works and maximize skills that will help students during their college career. Through the work of our Academic Success Coaches and our programming events, we strive to highlight the experiences of first-generation college students in order to build community,break down information about the college experience and build new skills that translate to success on this campus.

Who do we serve?

We serve all MiraCosta College students who would like to maximize academic success as a college student. Our program is built, in particular,to provide support for students who are first-generation college students. We define "first-generation" to mean students whose parent/guardian have not received a degree.

What can we offer?

Academic Success Coaches are here to cultivate an environmentthat encourages students to achieve their academic goals during their time here at MiraCosta College. One of the main goals of the program is to help students uncover the "hidden curriculum" in education; that is, all of the rules and expectations that are required and essential to navigating college, but that are not taught.

Together with the help from coaches, students will:

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