United Black Student Conference (UBSC)

UBSC Synopsis

The pride of our community lies within our unity. The schematics for our future are in the building blocks of our DNA, but we must learn to respect this power and nurture the keepers of these sacred orders if we are to repair the rift between poverty and privilege.

Black Star Power is a revitalization of the soul and consciousness of past, present and future generations of great thinkers, scholars, inventors and family members demonized by stereotypical misconceptions. Black Star Power is positive, provocative, productive and proactive. Our goal is to reinvent the image of blackness from negative and derogatory to brilliant and magnificent.

With the United Black Student Conference this year, we hope to inspire, enlighten and assure the attendees that their future is bright as a shining star. With the support of the Black Student Union club, the Performance Writers club and programs such as Summer Bridge and Umoja along with community members, we will reenergize a passion for learning, strengthen their unyielding character and spark the minds of the future leaders, parents and law makers that will lead us into the 22nd century and beyond.​


Registration is now closed for this event. If you would like to be notified early for registration next year, please email Bruce Hoskins.

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