Hiring Information

Looking for a great opportunity to help others, use your writing skills, and build your résumé? Consider working at the MiraCosta Writing Center! Applications for 2017-2018 positions will become available during the Spring 2017 semester. If you're interested in applying to be a writing consultant, please complete the Writing Consultant Application and attach a writing sample of at least three pages of your academic work and a completed Recommendation Form.

More Questions?

Listed below are our frequently asked questions about hiring.

Why work for the MiraCosta Writing Center?

Writing consultants enjoy the convenience and experience this job provides. Students can work before, after, and between classes, without commuting!

Are there opportunities for career or personal growth?

Absolutely. Writing consultants work closely with faculty inside classrooms, assist with training new consultants, facilitate writing-in-network groups, and even attend/develop conference workshops. Many consultants have developed lasting relationships with staff and instructors, creating professional networks that last beyond their work here at MiraCosta.

Who is eligible to work at the Writing Center?

MiraCosta students who have completed English 100 with an A or B are eligible to work at the Writing Center.

What do writing consultants do?

Writing Consultants work with students in one-to-one sessions, assist faculty inside classrooms, and facilitate learning communities (student study groups). We try to match our staff with their interests and provide opportunities to give them a diverse work experience. Primarily, writing consultants talk with students about their ideas, organization, and writing skills. We’re not editors; our goal is to help students develop as writers. We pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful, and approachable.

Can I be a writing consultant if I’m not an English or Literature major?

Of course! Some of our best writing consultants are math, sociology, and science majors. Our writing consultants are trained to work with all student writers, regardless of what course they’re seeking assistance with.

Do you expect me to know everything about writing?

Not at all. We expect you to be comfortable working with student writers, but we don’t expect you to know everything. Even our most experienced writing consultants still ask each other for help. We also keep resources on hand you can use during your sessions. The important thing is that you’re comfortable enough to admit when you don’t know something and are willing to help the student find the answer.

Can I be a writing consultant if English isn’t my first language?

Many of our best writing consultants speak other languages or have learned English later in life. In fact, we pride ourselves on our diverse staff and their ability to assist our students.

How will I learn to be a writing consultant?

All writing consultants attend training—both pre-semester and on select Fridays throughout the semester. New writing consultants complete a training agreement which invites them to reflect on their learning and experience as a new consultant. All training work is paid. Because we value this education so highly, if you’re unable to attend these training sessions you cannot be hired as a writing consultant.

How many hours can I work?

Your scheduled hours are determined by your availability and the assignments we need to fill. We ask that you work a minimum of 10 hours a week. Most of our staff work 12 - 19 hours in a variety of settings.

Is the work steady?

Good question. Actually the work is not steady. The Writing Center opens the second week of each semester and runs until the middle of finals week. In between, our business grows as the semester progresses. In summer we have a reduced staff who works very few hours.

Where is the main office?

Our Writing Center Director and Specialist have offices at the Oceanside campus. However, they frequently travel to our other locations and can meet people there as appropriate.

Still have questions?

Call us at (760) 795-6861 with your questions, or stop by the Oceanside Writing Center to learn more about what we do.