Writing Center Workshops

The Writing Center offers a variety of workshops you can attend for free with topics ranging from basic punctuation to timed writing and research papers. There's no need to sign up--just show up at the workshop you're interested in!

Summer 2015 Writing Center Workshops

Grammar Jam: Ask Us Anything!

Presenters: Stephanie Taylor and Sarah Pultz

Come one, come all! Find out everything you've always wanted to know about grammar but have been too afraid to ask. In this "open" workshop, the Writing Center will answer any question you have about grammar and mechanics and provide you some suggestions for catching your own grammar errors when writing papers.

Wednesday, June 24, 1:30-2:00pm in OC1202

Wednesday, July 8, 1:30-2:00pm in OC1202

Comma Splices and Run-Ons: 3 Easy Fixes

Presenter: Stephanie Taylor

Finding “CS” and “RO” all over your papers? We know the feeling. This workshop will explain those mysterious red pen marks and present three simple ways to fix those frustrating comma errors.

Wednesday, July 1, 1:30-2:00pm in OC1202

How to Make a Quote Sandwich

Presenter: Stephanie Taylor

Your professor wants you to use quotes in your paper, and you’ve found a some great possibilities. Come learn some tasty ways to integrate your quotes into your paper.

Wednesday, July 22, 1:30-2:00pm in OC1202