Awards Committee


To celebrate faculty accomplishments locally and statewide by 1) encouraging MiraCosta faculty to apply for ASCCC Awards and, using the criteria of those awards, selecting nominees to be forwarded to the state level; and 2) developing and implementing local faculty awards for presentation during campus-wide ceremonies; and 3) facilitating other nomination processes for faculty awards as they arise.

Committee Structure

Regular Academic Senate committee with five members, the Coordinating Officer as chair, two full-time and two associate faculty for two-year terms.

Meeting Schedule and Agendas

The Academic Senate Faculty Awards committee meets once a month.

2019 - 2020 Meeting Schedule and Agendas

Statewide ASCCC Awards

Exemplary Program Award

Typical Timeline

Hayward Award for "Excellence in Education"

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Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award

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Local Award

Leon Baradat Service Award

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Committee Membership 2019-20

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