Tenure Review & Evaluation Committee (TREC)

The mission of the Tenure Review and Evaluation Committee (TREC) is to provide a global perspective in the tenure review process for tenure candidates and the evaluation processes for tenured faculty and temporary full-time faculty. TREC serves a resource for faculty undergoing the tenure review or evaluation processes, as well as for Tenure Review Committee (TRC) or Peer Review Committee (PRC) chairs and committee members.

TREC may be consulted to provide procedural clarity throughout the tenure review and evaluation processes, including any appeals. TREC also facilitates best practices in the faculty evaluation process by serving as the recommending body to the district and Faculty Assembly regarding the tenure review and evaluation processes. TREC is committed to making recommendations regarding tenure and evaluation procedures, standards, evaluation calendars, and forms with the purpose of ensuring that faculty evaluations are clear, accurate, fair, and equitable.

Committee Membership 2019-2020