Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

How does MiraCosta College provide a quality, affordable education for local students?
From Carmel Valley in the south to Camp Pendleton in the north, our communities depend on MiraCosta College to prepare our students for four-year college and future careers. In fact, more than one-third of all local high school graduates attend and rely on MiraCosta College. As the cost of attending University of California and State University schools continues to rise, more and more students are starting their education at the community college level.

How does MiraCosta College fuel our local economy?
MiraCosta College is an essential part of the North County economy. The college partners with local employers in biotech, aerospace, manufacturing and other industries to help train local students and prepare them for today’s careers. Local businesses depend on our specialized training programs and the skills of our graduates, as the college educates the health care professionals who serve our medical needs, the law enforcement who keep us safe, and the skilled workers who fuel our economy.

How does MiraCosta College provide services for veterans?
Our local community college is one of the most important veterans services institutions in California. We provide job training and counseling to approximately 1,800 Navy, Marine and other military veterans and their families every day.

What facility updates are needed to continue preparing students for future success?

Our facilities need to be upgraded to ensure we can continue providing a high-quality education to local students that prepares them to succeed in future careers.  We need to upgrade our career training facilities in science, health care, technology and skilled trades, as well as update instructional technology for improved student learning in core subjects.  In addition, we need to improve and expand facilities for our veterans and ensure our classrooms are accessible for students with disabilities.

To see a list of all facility updates, take a look at our full Facilities Master Plan (PDF) on our website or also view the shorter Executive Summary (PDF). To see a cost breakdown, view this PowerPoint.

How will the local measure improve MiraCosta College?
Measure MM will provide locally-controlled funding to:

You can view our full Facilities Master Plan (PDF) on our website. You can also view the Executive Summary (PDF).

How much will Measure MM cost?
The measure will generate $455 million to upgrade our college and cost approximately $14.99 per $100,000 of assessed, not market, value.  All funds will be locally-controlled and stay within our community to support MiraCosta College.

Could funds be taken away by the State?
No.  Funds from the measure will not be taken away by the State.  All funds will be spent to make necessary improvements to MiraCosta College.

How do I know the funds will be spent appropriately?
By law, no funds could be used for salaries or pensions. All funds must be spent to improve MiraCosta College classrooms and facilities. Plus, an independent citizens’ oversight committee will review expenditures and provide reports to the community to ensure all funds are spent as promised. 

Have our facilities been upgraded in the past?
It has been more than 50 years since MiraCosta College passed a bond to repair or improve our facilities. Our classrooms, science labs and facilities need to be updated so we can continue to serve our community for decades to come.  

Has MiraCosta College placed a bond measure on the ballot recently?
In November 2012, local voters had the opportunity to vote on a local bond measure for MiraCosta College.  Although this measure received strong support from throughout North County, it received 54.84 percent of the vote, which was just shy of the 55% support needed for passage.  Today, MiraCosta College still has urgent needs that must be addressed in order to continue providing a quality education for local students. 

Why did the district use bond financing? Are there other options?
No other source of funding exists to make the necessary improvements to our community college. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the State to be a reliable partner in funding our facilities' needs. The District continues to use existing funding efficiently, but a local measure is the only way to provide adequate funding to upgrade our local community college. All funds from Measure MM will stay right here in our community to improve our community college.

Will the measure qualify us for state matching funds?
Yes. Measure MM will qualify MiraCosta College for millions in state matching funds that will otherwise be lost to other communities. Qualifying for state matching funds is critical to updating and improving our local community college. Even so, the state does not provide a 1-1 match and state funds would only provide a portion of the funds that are necessary to improving our local community college.

How has the community been involved in the planning process?
The college’s master planning process leveraged a variety of resources to create a plan for the college: an online survey to collect feedback on facility conditions, functionality, and deficits; workshop, discussion and presentation with the District’s Board of Trustees, Facilities Master Plan Leadership Committee, facilities personnel; and shared governance councils that included faculty, staff and students, and public forums to gather campus-wide feedback. All told, over 700 people participated in the online survey and more than 200 people participated in the workshop, meetings and presentations.

In fall and summer of 2016, district representatives made more than 90 presentations to local service and community organizations and meet with individuals and businesses to gather input on the facilities master plan and to discuss the bond initiative.

Was there media coverage?
News articles about the bond included an article in the San Diego Union Tribune, the Weekly Pulse, the Coast News and on KPBS radio. A special edition of KOCT's Journalist Roundtable, devoted to Measure MM, was recorded September 1, 2016, and features MiraCosta College Superintendent/President Dr. Sunny Cooke. Cox North County Charter Edition interviewed Dr. Cooke on their inaugural program, where they discussed Measure MM and our upcoming bachelor's degree program. The San Diego Union-Tribune ran an article about three school bonds on the ballot.

The college has also posted the full facilities master plan on its website as well as a shorter executive summary and asked for public feedback via email.

How can I find out more?
Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at