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MiraCosta Community College District Promotes Financial Transparency with New Online Dashboard


MiraCosta Community College District has unveiled a new online dashboard that allows the public to access real-time information on the progress and status of the Capital Improvement Program, which includes Measure MM.

The Capital Improvement Program Dashboard is accessible through the College website, miracosta.edu/MeasureMM, and is designed for the user’s specific experiences and needs. The dashboard is equipped with filters to provide macro or micro information about financial performance, project schedule performance and build-out details on each project covered by the Capital Improvement Program budget, including those funded under Measure MM, the $455 million general obligation bond approved by voters in 2016.

“We are really happy to launch our online dashboard,” said Tom Macias, Facilities Director for the District.  He added, “it aligns with one of our goals of the program to be transparent in communicating and reporting on the progress and status of our program and projects.” 

The new dashboard includes three main components: Measure MM Executive which is an overview of program financial and project schedule performance; Program Financial Details that provides information about the current budget and spent to date values; and Project Biographies that include the project name, phase, campus location, construction type, delivery method, description along with start and end dates.

The dashboard was designed to be visually appealing and uses a variety of tools including pie charts and bar graphs to convey important information.  The District’s website also includes video tutorials to help users learn how to navigate the dashboard.